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This is a wrapper of Google AppOpen Ads library for B4i. I made this for @Jack Cole and he gave me permission to post this in forum to help other users.

B4A wrapper is available here.


Version: 1
  • iGADAppOpenAd
    Google AppOpenAd.
    • Events:
      • AppOpenAd_Event (event As String)
    • Functions:
      • Initialize (callback As Object)
        Initializes the object on Application_Start.
      • IsInitialized As BOOL
        Tests whether the object has been initialized.
      • RequestAppOpenAd (adID As String)
        Request an ad for later use.
        Like you can call this after the user dismisses the first ad.
      • SetTestDevices (ID As String)
        If you are testing the ad integrtion then call this after initializing.
        ID that is displayed in the logs
      • TryToPresentAppOpenAd (adID As String)
        Call this method on Application_Active event.
        If there is no ad loaded then it will first load the ad then present the ad.
  1. Download the latest libraries from here.
  2. Download the attached library zip.
  3. Copy the .a and .h to the local build server Libs folder on your mac.
  4. Copy the xml file to the B4i additional library folder on windows.
  5. Download the GoogleMobileAds frameworks from: www.b4x.com/b4i/files/GoogleMobileAds-v7.69.0.zip
  6. Copy all the frameworks to the local build server Libs folder on your mac


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  • iGADAppOpenAd_example.zip
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