1. D

    iOS Question Webp ios

    Hello, how can i download a webp image by HttpJob and add it to a bitmap?
  2. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4X and Compatibility

    Hello all, I noticed that in visual designer we have the option to add the views in the activities and B4XView, but I confess that for me it's not clear yet if I'll have advantages when translating a B4A app to B4i using that kind of approach... for example, I tried to reference the padding...
  3. M

    iOS Question Build Failed Local Mac Builder

    The following build commands failed: Ld /Users/<name>/Documents/B4iBuildServer/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload/<myappname>.app/ <myappname> normal arm64 (1 failure)
  4. Steve Kwok

    iOS Question Compile to Library by Local MAC Build Server

    I have just moved from B4A to B4i and try to convert B4A library to B4i library... I have local MAC Build Server which function well (I.e. Build B4i-Bridge App, Build Release App and Build Simulator Release App are successful). However, the local Build Server failed to Compile To Library. At...
  5. jlerner

    iOS Question Error: No devices are booted.

    Good day: I have the following problem when compiling the code. Does anyone know how to solve it? I am using Hosted Builder on a Mac, which runs smoothly. Also, if I run "xcrun simctl list", the current device is set to on. It should be noted that I start Hosted Builder (6.30) with the following...
  6. jlerner

    iOS Question Failed to find xcode version

    Good afternoon, I find the following error. I have installed Xcode 10 on my MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 operating system. When installing Host Builder and trying to run B4iBuildServer.jar I get the error "Failed to find xcode version". The Build Server version is 6.3. Does anyone...
  7. A

    iOS Question Decrypt a string encrypted on ios

    Hi, I'm working on conversion my b4a app to b4i and have encrypt / decrypt problem I already have a code that does encryption / decryption on Android and on VB.NET on my server. b4a Sub Encrypt(dataToEncrypt As String ) As String Dim kg As KeyGenerator Dim c As Cipher Dim B64 As...
  8. M

    Bug? B4i IDE Method missing in IntelliSense

    I noticed that for Page element are missing the method "_Click" and "_Resize(Width, Height)" that exists.
  9. M

    iOS Question IsPaused Alternative

    Hi, what is the "IsPaused" of B4A alternative for B4i?
  10. M

    iOS Question Fire an event from a class

    Hi, where can I find some documentation/tutorial on #event in B4i class? I want to add a custom event in a code module, fired by my class. thanks
  11. M

    Wish B4i for macOS

    There will be a Version of B4i for macOS? (Same question for B4A). (I know there are similar posts, but there isn’t an answer :( )
  12. mrjaw

    iOS Question Hi, After several days using my new build id, and I started having this inconvenience which makes me

    B4i Versión: 5.81 Parseando código. (0.00s) Building folders structure. (0.03s) Compilando código. (0.02s) Compilado códigos de diseños. (0.00s) Compilando el código del motor de depuración. (0.00s) Compilando proyecto Xcode (0.23s) Enviando datos al compilador remoto...

    iOS Question Get the Long type using GetType

    [SOLVED] In B4i, the GetType function always returns __NSCFNumber regardless of whether the data is Int, Byte, Float, Decimal or Long. Is there a way to differentiate these types of data? I am interested in differentiating the Long type

    iOS Question In B4i which is the library equivalent to Reflector in B4A?

    SOLVED. In B4i which is the library equivalent to Reflector in B4A?, I am writing the iOS version of an Android App and I need to access the GetPublicField and GetField methods
  15. D

    iOS Question WhatsApp Sticker

    How can i create stickers for whatsapp by b4i? https://github.com/WhatsApp/stickers/tree/master/iOS
  16. Martin Larsen

    Android Question XUI development

    I am starting on a B4A - B4i cross platform project and I want to use XUI for this. I have a few questions, though. It is recommended in the video tutorials to move most of the code from the activity to a shared class module. But for multiple activities, should I use a new class module for...
  17. Devv

    Convert B4A App to B4I

    Hello i have a small webview app made with B4A, we want to convert it to B4I the application views a website with webview and receive notifications with firebase there is also 2 small activities all code is simple clean and quoted with explanations libraries used attached modules used...
  18. A

    Wish Callback method when app crashes

    I wish a method that is called when the app crashes, like Application_Error in B4A. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/1409609-nssetuncaughtexceptionhandler?language=objc Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Alberto
  19. zavaree

    iOS Question ImageDownloader Class

    Class (b4i_httpjob) instance released. SignalHandler 11 Error occurred on line: 124 (ImageDownloader) Signal - 11 Stack Trace: ( "0 result SignalHandler + 120", "1 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x000000023bebe9ec <redacted> + 40", "2 result...
  20. D

    Android Question Order and Pay App

    Hi Guys, I am developing a Order and Pay App (allowing users to order and pay for food and drinks on their Phones) - it is not an original idea and there are many working system out there, so I don't think there is a real issue. I am aware of several payment systems Stripe, Braintree, Google...