1. miguelconde

    iOS Question Where is the objective c code that represents my developement?

    Hello, im not an ios developer and i have some troubles trying to export my b4i proyect to xcode. When i try to open the objective c code that is hosted in Object/src/B4iProyect in Xcode (i need to do this in order to respond to a request of the client) i got a message that says that there are...
  2. Peter Simpson

    Tool B4X Template Manager (New B4J version). Create and share your layouts with others

    First of all, cheers to Filippo who created a template manager last week. I was going to offer Filippo a few suggestions in his thread about his program, but then I decided to create my own on Sunday. B4X Template Manage (B4X TM) is no better or worse than Filippo's, it's just a different take...
  3. QtechLab

    iOS Question Local builder error

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to compile my App with the local mac compiler, using OSX (lastest version) and XCode (9.4.1). Normally i use the hosted builder to compile the App but now i have to test it with different devices. Xcode provides nice simulators. Compiling with local builder gives me...
  4. N

    Wish Spatialite library for B4i

    Please any equivalent Spatialite libray for B4i. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/spatialite.36296/ Thanks
  5. R

    iOS Question Google maps marker modification

    In B4A i was able to change a bitmap and add a number, before i used this bitmap for a marker. In B4I i tried this code: Dim Bitm As B4XBitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"Markerg.png") Cv.Initialize(Bitm) Cv.DrawCircle(25dip,39dip,14dip,Colors.DarkGray,True,0) Dim f As...
  6. M

    Wish RESideMenu lib

    HI Everyone im glad to join your big community its very nice to be here with the best developers im not sure i post in a right place so anyway I wish anyone help me with wrapping a lib from a github its a very nice lib and its good to be wrap in b4i link of GitHub project...
  7. MarkusR

    iOS Question B4i IDE environment

    i not have this product, can i use the ide at windows pc and mac? as i understand: at windows pc the ide use a mac (i have a mac mini) for compile and then it copy via B4I-Bridge app to phone. at mac it will compile direct and show the app in xcode phone emulator or push it to the phone via...
  8. omarruben

    Bug? LoadVideoUrl does not load from a string variable holding the address[solved]

    Hello, looks like it is a bug *** does not work **** Private vv As VideoView url = "http://mi.radiocast.us:8000" vv.Initialize("vv") vv.LoadVideoUrl(url) *** WORKS **** Private vv As VideoView vv.Initialize("vv") vv.LoadVideoUrl("http://mi.radiocast.us:8000") using the...
  9. O

    iOS Question How to connect to a mysql Database

    I want to connect to a Mysql Database over the Internet. In B4a it is no problem with the mysql library. But how it works in b4i?
  10. D

    iOS Question Profile Error

    Hi All. Check dependencies Code Signing Error: No certificate matching 'iPhone' found: Select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY, a team that matches your selected certificate, or switch to automatic provisioning. Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product...
  11. Pooya1

    B4i Library Gallery Grid

    Hello I make library that you can show pictures in grid I use tableview for this library Event for this library: #Event: ItemClick(Index As Int) #Event: ItemLongClick(Index As Int) #Event: GetImageView(ImageView1 As ImageView,Index As Int) #Event: OverScrolled #Event: BottomScroll You can add...
  12. C

    iOS Question Posting a login request to ASP.Net Web API

    I am stuck on a login request to web API. So the process is simple I have to send “username”, “password” and “grant_type” to the server along with the two headers “Accept” and “Content-Type”. If the user is valid my app will receive the following response from the server: { "access_token"...
  13. J

    Android Question Real time messaging question

    I have an App that in its simplistic mode is a Tally system for knowing which competitors have gone afloat and who are ashore. The Competitors have RFID tags. There can be multiple stations where the competitors tally out and in. Version 1 of the App Written in B4A can use Android mobile...
  14. Carlos Huerta

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Can i use a String format on a label on B4i?

    Greetings to everyone! I'm Carlos and this is my first message here. First of all, i want to thank everyone on this community, i've learned a lot because of your examples and questions. Thanks so much!. I usually make apps on B4A but recently, i've acquired a license for B4i. It's works like...
  15. R

    iOS Question download a html and save it to a string

    Now I'm writing code for IOS as follows: private NameToCode as string dim job1 as HttpJob searchnamestrURL="http://quote.eastmoney.com/stocklist.html" job1.Initialize("job1",Me) job1.Download(searchnamestrURL) If job.Success=True Then Select job.JobName Case "job1"...