1. D

    iOS Question Callbacks with IOS

    Hi, Guys How do you handle Callbacks in IOS - I am converting code from B4A to B4I The B4A code is ' Timeout trips - hide the progress dialog and raise a Timeout event. Sub tmrProgressTimeout_Tick() Log("Timeout tripped") Hide #if B4A If SubExists(mCallback, mEvent & "_Timeout")...
  2. janderkan

    Wish Path to keys folder

    I wish that B4I would save the path to the 'Keys Folder' with the project.
  3. K

    B4A Class [B4X] myPopup popup menu (B4A/B4i)

    Here's a small class which produces a simple popup menu anchored to a view. It works in B4A and B4i currently. I've attached projects to show how it is used. Enjoy. [Edit] New version 1.1 has better support for popup menus inside (nested?) scrollviews.
  4. J

    iOS Question Connect Bluetooth Keyoard iOS

    How do I get the key pressed from a bluetooth keyboard connected to a iOS device in B4i?
  5. luc-dev

    Bug? LoadLayout with "Const" parameter doesn't check the layout file

    Hi, As B4i 5.80 is coming soon, I just wanted to report this little bug in the IDE : When using (speudo code) Sub Process_Globals Public const rsLayoutFormRecordingMenu = "form_recordingmenu" As String Private PanelFormInfo As Label public Sub InitializePage...
  6. netkomm

    B4X : Some suggestions and ideas for Erel

    Hi Erel, I have some suggestions about B4X and, given that for necessity I had to move away from B4A/B4I and jump ship to Ionic and soon Flutter, this is my feedback I can offer so that B4X could be a valid alternative to those environments especially for many of us who are a 1 man show and...
  7. ruut

    TensorFlow Lite

    I am considering to follow this free top notch course on TensorFlow, created by Google and Udacity Lesson 7 is about TensorFlow Lite. Are there any plans for supporting TensorFlow Lite within B4X? If so, this would make it more interesting for me to take the course.
  8. Darren69

    iOS Question B4i Canvas / Saved image DPI

    Is there a way in B4i when drawing on a canvas, or saving the image out to set the DPI like you can on B4A with the java object?
  9. N

    iOS Question Compiling issues

    Hi there Yesterday I started having issues compiling an app that previously was compiling without issue. I had no problem compiling for most of yesterday until near 16:00 where I started getting this error appearing in the compilation window. any ideas on what the issue is?
  10. C

    iOS Question Zoomable ImageView

    I'm looking for an imageview that provides the usual pinch to zoom and panning capabilities. I came across Narek Adonts' libZOOM library, discussed here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/zoomable-imageview.55185/ but I am having the same issue that Graham Bancroft reported which is...
  11. D

    iOS Question Get more Wifi information?

    Hi all, In B4A, it's possible to use the Simple Wifi library here – https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/simple-wifi-library-updated-v-3-07-09-05-2018.76233/ (which is based on the MLwifi library) to get all kinds of information about the Wifi connection, which I can't find in B4i. I've...
  12. D

    iOS Question How to get ApplicationLabel and Version at runtime?

    Hi all, Maybe I'm being slow, but I can't seem to find any way to get the app's name and version at runtime? I.e. the values of the Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel and #Version that are set in the Main module. In B4A I would do it by calling Application.LabelName and...
  13. mcqueccu

    iOS Question Ready to Publish..But needs clarification

    Am excited to publish my first application. However, I want to be clear about the steps in the publishing tutorial here 1. I have done the step 1, tested the app in airplane mode and it was ok. 2. Create a distribution certificate and provision file...using the the existing certsigningrequest...
  14. S

    iOS Question First compilation trial on Local Mac

    Hi, I use B4A for a while on my projects, thanks for the nice IDE product family again. I had bought a bundle and don't want to buy a developer ID yet, so i bought a second hand Mac Computer for build processes, which i could use later on, after getting a developer account. I just try to...
  15. didimo73

    Android Question Converting B4A project to B4i

    Hi, I bought both B4A Enterprise and B4i Enterprise + Hosted Builder. I would like to publish the same app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. So I need to have two versions of the same app: one for Android and one for iOS. I have already developed the Androind version using...
  16. S

    iOS Question Uploading to Apple store problem

    Hi Everybody can anyone help me to understand this kind of problem? After I create a app release, (tested before on local device also in airplane mode), download the last version, get the app specific id from Apple....I try to upload the .ipa file with iTunes connect... I have always this...
  17. ShaneG30

    Wish JDK and B4A/B4i

    Since the latest B4J is compatible with OpenJDK 11 and OpenJFX and that B4A/B4i will follow with adding support for OpenJDK 11, I want to suggest creating a "minimized-mobile only" OpenJDK and bundling it with future B4A and B4i installations, like how Microsoft does with Visual Studio and Xamarin.
  18. T

    iOS Question How do I download a PDF file from Webview?

    I followed this thread https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/how-to-go-back-in-webview-and-how-to-download-pdf-file.66546/ And my code is: Sub WebView1_OverrideUrl (Url As String) As Boolean If Url.EndsWith(".pdf") Then Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("pdf", Me)...
  19. miguelconde

    iOS Question Where is the objective c code that represents my developement?

    Hello, im not an ios developer and i have some troubles trying to export my b4i proyect to xcode. When i try to open the objective c code that is hosted in Object/src/B4iProyect in Xcode (i need to do this in order to respond to a request of the client) i got a message that says that there are...
  20. Peter Simpson

    Tool B4X Template Manager (New B4J version). Create and share your layouts with others

    First of all, cheers to Filippo who created a template manager last week. I was going to offer Filippo a few suggestions in his thread about his program, but then I decided to create my own on Sunday. B4X Template Manage (B4X TM) is no better or worse than Filippo's, it's just a different take...