1. D

    Android Question b4X pages intercept the back button operation

    Hi, Guys I am using B4Xpages and have a problem with back button operation. I am not using the backbutton built into B4Xpages, its operation (going to the previous page) does not suit my app. However, the user can still press the backbutton on the phone (below the display) and it causes my App...
  2. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE 2 - Concept of "ID" different between iOS and Android...

    Hi everyone, I'm developing an app that uses the BLE, i'm using the last suggested way: this. However... i need to connect to a specific device knowing the MAC Address... I made the App for Android and everything works because when the sub "_DeviceFound" fires it returns something like: where...
  3. aeric

    Android Example [B4XPages] [BitmapCreator] Cross platform Falling Sand game

    Based on the original example: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-bitmapcreator-cross-platform-falling-sand-game.94276/ This is just a conversion from individual platform into B4XPages. I also uploaded to my github.
  4. P

    Android Question App user cannot change of button name ( B4XPage )

    Hello everyone! To do this, I use 2 objects: Button and EditText. In the Visual Designer, I set both of these objects in the same place in such a way that the Button is under EditText. In normal operation of the application, EditText is hidden (EditText.Visable = False) In the Button1_LongClick...
  5. magicmars

    Android Question [SOLVED] [B4X] [XUI] [B4XPAGES] SD AwesoneWheel with B4Xpages

    Hi I try to make this example and library work with B4XPage (B4A) s, but i get a white screen , loading the P4X page that contain the layout. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-sd-awesonewheel.95569/ Here's my B4XPage class instance : Sub Class_Globals Private Root As...
  6. toby

    Android Question Unable to bring a B4XPage app to foreground

    When my app is in the background, I use a timer to play a sound and bring the B4XMainPage to the foreground when certain conditions are met. The sound was played and B4XPage.ShowPage("MainPage") was called, but the page didn't appear and no log entry either. I tried put the timer first in...
  7. M

    Android Question [B4XPages][B4X] Barcode QrCode Reader not working

    Hi everyone i followed this tutorial https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xpages-barcode-reader.120417/#content. I've two Android phone. 1. Honor 8A (Android 9) 2. Meizu 5c (Android 6) On the first everything works ok, on the second the detector for the codes is not creating...
  8. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question B4XPage Resize

    Hello, i was testing my application and found a problem. Like i'm showing in the image, my cell phone allows me to hide the navigation bar. The moment I do this in the app, it displays a white bar in place and doesn't scroll down the screen elements. There is a way to handle the B4XPage Resize...
  9. Daniel44

    Android Question No events occur within B4XPages loaded with Drawer

    Hi Everyone I'm working with Drawer and B4XPages and I'm loading their respective layouts, I'm having a hard time getting the Drawer items to react but that's not the whole problem. For this example I have only put a Button to make it easier to understand what I want to say. No event happens...
  10. alirezahassan

    B4J Question B4x Page

    Hi, i use b4xpage. and i want to show page. i write this code B4XPages.ShowPage("M_hi") and i want to send some data to this page. before using b4x page i write this for example M_hi.ID = ID M_Hi.start and i send ID to this code Module. for b4xpage what should i do to send data?
  11. amorosik

    Italian [B4A] RISOLTO Come 'capire' da codice quale B4Xpage e' su schermo in questo momento?

    Programma che riceve informazioni da sms Quando il messaggio viene ricevuto deve visualizzare alcune informazioni Se e' attualmente visibile la pagina1 deve fare alcune cose, se e' attualmente visibile la pagina2 deve farne altre Esiste una funzione/procedura che restituisca la B4XPage...
  12. H

    Code flow for B4xMainPage(对于B4xMainPage的执行流程我无法掌控)

    Sub Button1_Click For i = 0 To 10 Log(i) Wait For (test) Complete (result As String)'The process looks something like this. Log(result) Next End Sub Sub test() As ResumableSub Dim http As HttpJob http.Initialize("",Me)...