1. R

    Android Question Problem with Length function in B4XTable SQL

    Just started to experiment with B4XTable, using the provided example project as provided by Erel in the first post regarding B4XTable. I added some extra options to the search facility, edited the Subs: Public Sub BuildQuery Private Sub ImplUpdateDataFromQuery Public Sub BuildQuery...
  2. R

    Android Question B4XTable search for empty values(SOLVED)

    Just experimenting with the B4XTable. I added some extra options to search column values along these lines: For Each col As B4XTableColumn In VisibleColumns If col.Searchable Then For n = 0 To arrCheckConditions(c) - 1 strFind =...
  3. H

    B4J Question Replace TableView With B4XTable

    What should I do to replace TableView With B4XTable in an old B4J project? Is it difficult and may interfere with the software process?
  4. G

    Android Question B4x table Create data view with max and min value in

    I need to show the maximum and minimum marks in b4xtable. I get the data from Google sheet and I am displaying it in b4xtable. I tried using the below code to get maximum and minimum data . Obviously the code is wrong as I get the error : "java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or...
  5. DarkoT

    B4J Question TableView - store column order

    Hi, I want to implement TableView instend of B4xTable because TableView has drag&drop columns sort options and columns can be resized with a mouse. I want to implement also the "save layout" option wich will allow user to resize columns, hide columns and make unique positions for columns in...
  6. F

    B4J Question CustomiListView out of memory

    If B4XTable or xChart are added separately in the CustomiListView, there will be no error. If both B4XTable and xChart are added at the same time, there will be a memory overflow phenomenon.I cann't release objects. Perhaps my code was not written correctly,could anybody give me some advice to...
  7. DALB

    Android Question android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near ")": syntax error (code 1 SQLITE_ERROR): , while compiling: CREATE TABLE data )

    Hello everyone ! A sudden mistake appears in my code this morning without modifying anything !!! Here is a code I use since days : I'am loading a B4XTable. It worked fine for days, but this morning, The app renders the following error with this code: The error...
  8. B

    B4J Question B4XTable Wordwrap

    Hi All. I picked up programming in B4A again after a few years and I have started to use B4J also. For my current project I use B4XPages, B4XTable and SQLite. I have searched the forums and looked at the teaching guides, but can't find the answer to the next question : How can I make B4XTable...
  9. Brian Michael

    Android Code Snippet Print or Save as PDF a Table from B4XTable

    Hello everyone, I want to share a method to be able to print or save as pdf a table from B4XTable. This code is very basic and can be adjusted for any need. You are free to play with its possibilities. In this case you will need the following libraries: -B4XTable 1.21+ -Printing 1.0+ (Link)...
  10. DarkoT

    B4J Question RightMenu in B4xTable

    Hi guys, need little help... How is posible to build inside of B4Xtable "right click mouse menu" (menu which will appears on right mouse click). And - of course - how can i get item which is clicked... Or what will be alternative feature for "right click menu" - any ideas? Thank you for help...
  11. makis_best

    Android Question [Solved] CallBack object from inside class [B4XPages]

    Hello. I have a class with the name Box2. Inside the class I declare one B4XTable I can't understand what I need to have on callback object so I can make b4xtable to work. I show you some of my code to help you understand my problem. Sub Class_Globals Private B4XTable2 As B4XTable...
  12. LucaMs

    B4J Question B4XTable "go to last"

    I fill a B4XTable with 100 "records" (I'm attaching a test project, in which they are not DB records), 10 records / page. If I press ">", next page to the end, everything is ok and the navigation keys for subsequent records are correctly disabled. If on the first "page" I press on "> |", last...
  13. epiCode

    Android Question B4XTable Exclude Column from Search

    Is it possible to exclude a specific "text field" column from B4XTable Search?
  14. A

    Android Question b4xtable.setdata

    Hi, I try b4xtable, but when I call .setdata I have this error Col 0 Trasporto merci Col 0 Trasporto merci e rel. posizionamento Col 0 Trasporto rifiuti Col 0 Trasporto eccezionale Col 0 Sollevamento Col 0 Pulizia industriale Col 0 Ricondizionamento rifiuti Col 0 Demolizione/smontaggio impianti...
  15. A

    Android Question Result SET don't see column

    Hi all, I'm developing an app with b4xtable and I wish to import data from a sqllite DB. I have used the Erel's tutorial (B4XTable - Load data from SQL database). Dim rs As ResultSet = sql.ExecQuery("SELECT coalesce(via,"") as via, coalesce(nome_azienda,"") as cliente, coalesce(citta,"") as...
  16. C

    B4J Question B4XTable last page button error

    I have added conditional formatting to a B4XTable based on this, but am getting an error in the routine when I click on the last page button. For Example: Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private xui As XUI Private table1 As B4XTable End Sub Sub...
  17. Jorge M A

    Android Question B4XTable inside AsViewPager, table not shown.

    Hello everyone! I am returning to pick up where I left off, because of other priorities. Getting to know B4XPAGES and other news for me. So Taking Erel´s example, about the B4X Editable Table, and the nice @Alexander Stolte s AS ViewPager, I can't get the table to appear in B4A, testing on...
  18. cdsincfl

    Android Question B4XTable Title

    I am using B4XTable in my app and it is working great. Is there a way to change the colors and fonts of the B4XTable Title, Navigation and Search area? I know that I can access the Title but I get an error that it has not been initialized even after adding the columns and setting the data. I am...
  19. Magma

    B4J Code Snippet B4XTable Column Resizing... (works for me)

    Hi there... Well many of us need/asking column resizing... but noone do the start... well I ve decided to start... but hey... need help.. I think is a good start... need a lot of fixes and your ideas... I am uploading an example - and give you my notes here... What works.... - Resizing...
  20. P

    Android Question [SOLVED] Export Specific B4XTable Columns

    Greetings community, Below is the code I use to export my data from my B4xTable to csv and it works for me. But now, i want to be able to export specific columns. Lets say, i want to export all the columns ["USERNAME", "ID","FULLNAME","DATE OF...