1. A

    Android Question b4xtable.setdata

    Hi, I try b4xtable, but when I call .setdata I have this error Col 0 Trasporto merci Col 0 Trasporto merci e rel. posizionamento Col 0 Trasporto rifiuti Col 0 Trasporto eccezionale Col 0 Sollevamento Col 0 Pulizia industriale Col 0 Ricondizionamento rifiuti Col 0 Demolizione/smontaggio impianti...
  2. A

    Android Question Result SET don't see column

    Hi all, I'm developing an app with b4xtable and I wish to import data from a sqllite DB. I have used the Erel's tutorial (B4XTable - Load data from SQL database). Dim rs As ResultSet = sql.ExecQuery("SELECT coalesce(via,"") as via, coalesce(nome_azienda,"") as cliente, coalesce(citta,"") as...
  3. C

    B4J Question B4XTable last page button error

    I have added conditional formatting to a B4XTable based on this, but am getting an error in the routine when I click on the last page button. For Example: Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private xui As XUI Private table1 As B4XTable End Sub Sub...
  4. Jorge M A

    Android Question B4XTable inside AsViewPager, table not shown.

    Hello everyone! I am returning to pick up where I left off, because of other priorities. Getting to know B4XPAGES and other news for me. So Taking Erel´s example, about the B4X Editable Table, and the nice @Alexander Stolte s AS ViewPager, I can't get the table to appear in B4A, testing on...
  5. cdsincfl

    Android Question B4XTable Title

    I am using B4XTable in my app and it is working great. Is there a way to change the colors and fonts of the B4XTable Title, Navigation and Search area? I know that I can access the Title but I get an error that it has not been initialized even after adding the columns and setting the data. I am...
  6. Magma

    B4J Code Snippet B4XTable Column Resizing... (works for me)

    Hi there... Well many of us need/asking column resizing... but noone do the start... well I ve decided to start... but hey... need help.. I think is a good start... need a lot of fixes and your ideas... I am uploading an example - and give you my notes here... What works.... - Resizing...
  7. P

    Android Question [SOLVED] Export Specific B4XTable Columns

    Greetings community, Below is the code I use to export my data from my B4xTable to csv and it works for me. But now, i want to be able to export specific columns. Lets say, i want to export all the columns ["USERNAME", "ID","FULLNAME","DATE OF...
  8. LucaMs

    B4J Question B4XTable - Hide columns.

    Trying to hide the columns with "even header". (Project attached)
  9. cklester

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How To Get Precise B4XTable Column Numbers

    Check out the attached simple B4XTable app. The numbers in each column come from the same source, but they are often displayed as two wildly different numbers! Can anybody explain why, and how I can make sure that any numbers I display with COLUMN_TYPE_NUMBERS are as precise as can be? I'm...
  10. cklester

    B4J Question B4XTable Crashes with 8 Columns But Not With 7

    If you run the attached B4XPages project, the app will crash when you attempt to search the B4XTable. If you comment out line 30, reducing the table column count from 8 to 7, you can search just fine. No problem. I also tried with 9 and 999 rows. The number of rows does not seem to matter.
  11. Daniel44

    Android Question How to change B4XTable Customized column value color(SOLVED)

    I have this field in a B4XTable: COLUMN = TBLTRAD.AddColumn("BESTNUMBERS",TBLTRAD.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT) CreateCustomFormat(COLUMN) SetColumnAlignment("BESTNUMBERS",Gravity.LEFT) This column (BESTNUMBER) fetchs several number. I don't know if it's possible to change color to a mayor value inside...
  12. L

    Android Question B4XTable - show a row in multiple labels

    Hi everyone! I have two questions... 1. I have a B4XTable with 3 columns and 3 EditText, when a cell is clicked I want the 3 EditText show the content from the row clicked, for example: I want to do this to edit the row's content, I don't want to use ImputTemplate 2. with a button I want...
  13. MegatenFreak

    Android Question Questions about B4XTable (RTL orientation and having custom panels within the table)

    Hello everyone. I'm writing an Android version of a desktop app I wrote. Unfortunately, the B4J code hasn't used B4XTable, just the default TableView. Learning that in B4A there is no TableView view like in B4J, I came to the conclusion that I must use B4XTable, hence the following issues: 1...
  14. GMan

    B4J Question Problem with reading Excel.xls (B4XTable)

    I am playing around with the Excel import. Here is my code so far (taken over 1:1 from Erel 's example: #Region Project Attributes #MainFormWidth: 1200 #MainFormHeight: 600 #End Region Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private B4XTable1 As...
  15. jroriz

    B4J Question [SOLVED] B4XTable SetData with ExecutList as source. Is it possible?

    I am using a resultset to load a B4XTable as suggested in the post "[B4X] B4XTable - Load data from SQL database". OK, everything is working fine. But my first attempt was: B4XTable1.AddColumn("Jogador", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT) B4XTable1.SetData( DBUtils.ExecuteList(Main.Banco...
  16. G

    Android Question [Solved][B4XTable] Crash in ResultSet if click on "Recents" phone button

    I use one sub with code attached below that suppose to fill a list with a B4XTable rows. It works great, but if accidentally I have clicked on "Recents" button on the phone while the code is in the "Do While rs.NextRow " loop the app will crash with the error listed below. Not sure what would...
  17. G

    Android Question [Solved] [B4XTable] Restore a cell's background color after SingleClick event

    In a B4A application, in a B4XTable, I need to have a cell background color changed to Red color (for example). This cell is supposed to maintain its background color till a decision to change it. The issue I need to address is that : - after the respective cell's background was changed to a...
  18. DarkoT

    Android Question B4xtable - adding submenu on click

    Hi guys, I need info... It's possible to add "submenu" into B4X table grid as submenu; which appears on CellLongClick from existing record in grid and user can choice which functionality will use... Thank you for help... Br, DaT
  19. kosmocis

    Android Question B4XTable - Null error when using search field

    Hi, first, I am very grateful to the community for the tremendous work that has been carried out with the environment and libraries. I always search the forum, but today I came across a problem that I haven't been able to solve in days. I am implementing a table of type B4XTable to display data...
  20. M

    Android Question how to format date and time columns in B4XTable

    I work on the application, which should be used by Parkinson ill people to enter their good and bad times (on and off times). Ich have three columns in the sqlite database. In the first column the date is being saved, in the second one the time of the day. In the third the number should be...