1. Star-Dust

    B4i Library iSD BLE Printer

    I am happy to present my library to print with Iphone (and iPad) with Bluetooh (BLE). At the moment I can not print the images, but I'm working on it. If you want to have the activation code (Freeing all the functions) contact me in private. (For B4J versione see Here, for B4A versione see Here...
  2. chris_sung

    Android Question BLE Receiving/Send problem

    Hi I Running the "BLE_Example" example, it appears on the phone that it appears to be connected to the MA3_623 (BC7602) module. What should I do now? Can I receive(or Sens) Data from MA3_623?
  3. P

    Italian Utilizzo della libreria BLE2

    Buonasera a tutti, è qualche giorno che sto girovagando per il forum ma non riesco a trovare le istruzioni con tutte le proprietà ed i metodi della libreria BLE2 Bluetooth Low Energy per poterla utilizzare al meglio. In particolare devo trasferire dei dati tra un modulo HM-10 e android come ad...
  4. J

    Android App to iOS port + optimisation

    Hi All you Gurus out there. I am nearing the completion of my first Android app. There are a couple of small things that need to be sorted and it needs to be optimised. I know that there are better ways to do things. Once that is done it needs to be ported to iOS. The purpose of the app is to...
  5. Cain Soft

    B4R Question Send AT command to AT-09 BLE module ?

    Hi All, How can I send AT command to AT-09 (HM-10 clone) BLE module ? The Arduino code is : #include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3); void setup() { mySerial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); delay(200); mySerial.println("AT+NAMEdemoBleX"); while (mySerial.available())...
  6. A

    Android Question BLE project errors

    Hi I am a new user to B4A and would like some help please compiling a project given to me by a friend, it’s a BLE controller app. I have lost touch with him and it fails with 2 errors, the first is :- AndroidManifest.xml:16: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at...
  7. TnP

    iOS Question iPhone X not connecting to BLE devices?

    Hi All, I had a customer state that his iPhone X could not connect to our BLE data logger. I too have been able to confirm that it cannot connect on the X that I have borrowed. Loading the BLE Example app, I tell the phone to connect to a device and in the logs I get: Discovering Services Then...
  8. P

    Spanish B4A BLE con ESP32

    Hola, estoy empezando con el BLE y desearía saber si me podéis poner un ejemplo en que se envíen datos en las dos direcciones entre B4A y un ESP32. Muchas Gracias
  9. A

    Android Question How to rediscover services with BLE2 library

    Hi to everybody, I'm developing an android application that communicate with my own hardware board. I'm using the latest version of B4A and BLE2 library. The app have to connect to the board, which is configured with its GATT. Then it sends a reboot command to the board, which restarts with...
  10. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD: BT Printer Bluetooth

    ANNOUNCEMENT Starting today, this library will be abandoned and will no longer be distributed. A new, more comprehensive Android library for ESC/POS thermal printers will be released. (BT, BLE, LAN, USB) (here) (No WRAP, No Java Only B4A) BT_Printer library allows you to print text and...