B4A Library TDSLinput (masked extended EditText)

Name: TDSLinput
Type: BFA library (JAR/XML)
Version: 2 - early access


TDSLinput stands for TechDoc Single Line input. It is a Custom View (XUI) for the use with Anywhere B4A Suite. The view is usable by the Designer Tool of the suite or by code. The view is developed in B4A Language and compiled to a B4A Library (JAR/XML) to be used as external and additional library for the suite. TDSLinput creates a flexible single line input form. The form structure is based on an individual or a predefined Mask. On the screen it looks like a formatted EditText View with special features.

Example :

This is one of my biggest projects. The project starts in the summer last year and now the end of the tunnel is visible. Why another masked Edit Text? Simple, the exisiting one in the Forum do not meet my requests. At present TDSLinput is in early access because I please you to help me to test it. Feel free to send whises and comments.

TDSLinput Feature Overview:
  • Different Mask Types.
    - INDIV, individual Mask
    - DATE, predefined Date Mask
    - TIME, predefined Time Mask
    - NONE, working like a native EditText View
    - CALC, working like a mathematical calculator

  • Evaluated/checked input value by predefined or individual check parameters
  • Custom Properties (Designer and Code)
  • Custom Events / user exit
  • Inbuild Date- and Time-picker
  • Localized Dialog titles and labels and buttons
  • Localized Hint text for the input fields
  • Individual Focus Color
  • Individual Dialog colors
  • Strong error management
  • Mask like or Raw Result reporting
  • Keyboard layout and key availability depending on the Mask

To get more information feel free to have a look into the attached (24 Pages) manual. If you like to use TDSLinput I strongly request to do so!
To have a look into the code the uncompiled view is in the attached example project.
The main target of the project is to develop the custom view. The sub targets are:
  • Publish the code as example solution for learning.
  • Learn some basics of a good practise in Project Management.
  • Show how to create understandable modern Documentation.

Copyright Notice!
TDSLinput includes the class B4XEval from Erel for the calculator functionality.
For B4X Forum Members TDSLinput is Royalty free for personell and comercial use. If you are not belonging to this group you need a priced license!

The Files:
They are to big to be attached here. Feel free to download them from my Google Drive with this link:
Project/Lib Files/Manual


Licensed User
Longtime User
Just now I was looking for masked date input and had downloaded few examples.

TDSLinput looks promising. Will check and revert.


Licensed User
Longtime User
I tried TDSLinput. I am just trying to input a valid date, like "As On Date". I hoped the class will check for valid date entered but could not find such thing. Also could not find a way to open calendar on the given date.

Can you please guide me here ?