B4J Library [B4X][CustomView] xInstrumentationController

xInstrumentationController is an open source B4X Library.
The xInstrumentationController (Custom View) purpose is to display a device present value & display and set a setpoint via touch or method.


  • Set the device present value (PV) and display on a vertical bar (horizontal is not supported).
  • Set the device setpoint (SP) (by code or touch) and display as an indicator line, with value (optional), on the vertical bar.
  • Define two custom events, displayed as small circles (acting as buttons) at the bottom left & right of the instrument.
  • Many instrument properties can be set either in the visual designer or via methods (code).
  • Use as indicator (readonly) without ability to set the setpoint and custom events.
  • Written in B4X, source code included in the b4xlib file (zip format).
The xInstrumentationController-NNN.zip(NNN version number) archive contains
  • B4X library xInstrumentationController.b4xlib.
  • B4XPages sample project for B4A (tested with v11.0) & B4J (tested with v9.30).
  • NOTE: The B4i code is not developed.

Copy the b4xlib file to the respective B4X additional libraries folder.

See the B4XPages sample below or lookup the source source.

B4XPages Sample B4XMainPage.bas
Sub Class_Globals
    Private Root As B4XView
    Private xui As XUI
    Private xController1 As xInstrumentationController
    Private xController2 As xInstrumentationController
    Private btnSimulator As B4XView
    Private TimerLevel As Timer
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize
    B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents = True
    TimerLevel.Initialize("TimerLevel", 2000)
    TimerLevel.Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView)
    Root = Root1
    B4XPages.SetTitle(Me, "B4X CV xInstrumentationController")
    CallSubDelayed(Me, "SetProperties")
End Sub

Private Sub SetProperties
    btnSimulator.Text = IIf(TimerLevel.Enabled, "Stop Simulator", "Start Simulator")
    'Just a few
    xController1.BarBackgroundColor = xui.Color_RGB(220, 220, 220)
    xController1.ScaleMin = 10
    xController1.ScaleMax = 30
    xController1.ScaleAutoRange = 0
    xController1.CustomActionSize = 10dip
    xController1.Value = Rnd(xController1.ScaleMin, xController1.ScaleMax)
End Sub

'Generate random controller / indicator values
Sub TimerLevel_Tick
    xController1.Value = Rnd(xController1.ScaleMin, xController1.ScaleMax)
    xController1.Setpoint = Rnd(xController1.ScaleMin, xController1.ScaleMax)
    xController2.Value = Rnd(xController2.ScaleMin, xController2.ScaleMax)
End Sub

Private Sub xController1_ValueChanged(value As Float)
    Log($"xController1_ValueChanged: ${LogChange}"$)
End Sub

Private Sub xController1_SetpointChanged(value As Float)
    Log($"xController1_SetpointChanged: ${LogChange}"$)
End Sub

Private Sub LogChange As String
    Return _
    $"Value=${NumberFormat(xController1.value, 0, xController1.ScaleDigits)}"$ & _
    $", Setpoint=${NumberFormat(xController1.setpoint, 0, xController1.ScaleDigits)}"$ & _
    $", SetpointPrevious=${NumberFormat(xController1.SetpointPrevious, 0, xController1.ScaleDigits)}"$ & _
    $", Delta SP-PV=${NumberFormat(xController1.Delta, 0, xController1.ScaleDigits)}"$ & _
    $", Min=${xController1.ScaleMin}, Max=${xController1.ScaleMax}"$
End Sub

Private Sub xController1_CustomAction1
    xui.MsgboxAsync($"Define custom actions or dialogs."$, "Controller1 - Custom Action 1")
    xController1.Setpoint = 5
End Sub

Private Sub xController1_CustomAction2
    xui.MsgboxAsync($"Define custom actions or dialogs."$, "Controller1 - Custom Action 2")
    xController1.Setpoint = 23
End Sub

Private Sub xController2_CustomAction2
    xui.MsgboxAsync($"Define custom action or dialogs."$, "Controller2 - Custom Action 2")
End Sub

Private Sub btnSimulator_Click
    TimerLevel.Enabled = Not(TimerLevel.Enabled)
    btnSimulator.Text = IIf(TimerLevel.Enabled, "Stop Simulator", "Start Simulator")
End Sub

The unit textfield can be used to display other information. Example showing a thermostat valve position 0-100%:
thermostat.Unit = $"${NumberFormat(data.Get("LEVEL") * 100, 0, 0)}%"$

GNU General Public License v3.0 - Developed for personal use only.

See file TODO.md.

Last Change
v1.20 (20211204) - Packed as B4XLib.
See file CHANGELOG.md.

Other Example from Authors Smart Home
The instruments control Smart Home HomematicIP Thermostats. For each thermostat the present value & setpoint are set.
The data is live data obtained via HTTP XMLAPI (requires the Homematic Addon XMLAPI) request to the HomematicIP CCU3.
The response is a (complex) XML tree which is parsed using XML2Map.
The thermostat datapoints ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE and SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE are used for each of the instruments.
The red button sets the thermostat setpoint to 5°C, the green button to 23°C.
Changing the setpoint is again done via HTTP XMLAPI request. If HTTP response is successful the instrument is updated.



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Update v1.20 (Build 20211204)
NEW: Packed as B4XLib xInstrumentationController.b4xlib.
NEW: Property CustomActionSize - Define the size of the two custom action circles at the bottom (default 8dip).
NEW: Value setpointprevious - Get the previous setpoint value prior changing the setpoint.
UPD: Various minor improvements.