1. C

    Android Question Issue with using FTPS on FTP library

    Hi, I've managed to get my app to connect to me NAS via Non-Secure FTP with no probs and upload / list files folder in the folder, however when I change it to FTPS it seems to connect ok (NAS Log show is connects successfully) however the List_Completed function always returns Success=False and...
  2. A

    German [B4J] intern jnet - ftp - dir list für einen VX Works ftp-Server

    Hallo miteinander, hab hier ein Problem mit jnet/ftp. Ich nutzte B4J 9.8 internal Version:1.81. Ich habe hier mal ein vereinfachtes Testprogramm meines Projekts private Sub Test ftp.Initialize("ftp","",21,"User","pass") ftp.PassiveMode=True ftp.TimeoutMs= 60000 Log...
  3. J

    Android Question Download Progress for HTTPS

    I tried to get progress displaying on a HTTPS download using the thread at https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/how-to-show-progress-on-https-download.138174 That thread's coding seemed very convoluted to me and Erel advised me to convert the app to B4XPages. I did that and had problems...
  4. A

    iOS Question FTP don't transfer any file

    I have this PList add to my B4i app: #Region Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel: B4i Example #Version: 1.0.0 'Orientation possible values: Portrait, LandscapeLeft, LandscapeRight and PortraitUpsideDown #iPhoneOrientations: Portrait, LandscapeLeft, LandscapeRight...
  5. S

    iOS Question audio from Ipad doesn't work on android

    Hello. I have a problem. I already created a topic that audio messages on iOS are not played, I solved this problem using the WAV audio files. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/mediaplayer-doesnt-play-mp3-files.135637/#post-858538 now the audio that was generated on ios or android works...
  6. S

    iOS Question iMedia Camera. How to get File name?

    Hello, I am developing a chat that has the ability to send video messages. I used CameraView on Android and everything works and there are no problems, but on ios I found this example https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/imedia-library-camera-and-videoview.46144/#content , but I have a...
  7. Star-Dust

    Share My Creation Client FTP

    I was fascinated by the FTP client Erel showed in this post. Not having shared the source, I started creating a similar client several times, but soon after I gave up for lack of time and deleted all the source. Up until today I've started all over again, thinking of something simple. Here is...
  8. D

    Android Question ftp upload/dowload mp3 files

    When I upload files to my FTP server, they are uploaded there "broken". Garbage appears instead of the expected audio track. Is this a problem with the server itself or am I doing something wrong? files are mp3 audio messages that I record using the VoiceRecording library I would be glad for...
  9. MAX_SV

    Italian FTP e percorsi con uno spazio all'interno

    Ciao a tutti, riesumo un vecchio post del 2013 dove emergono dei problemi con un percorso FTP contenente degli spazi .... e stò sbattendo il muso proprio in questo:( non ho trovato delle soluzioni sul forum qualcuno è riuscito a risolvere il problema??
  10. mcorbeel

    iOS Question FTP uploaded file not accessible on server

    I use this code to upload files to a ftp server: Dim ftp As FTP ftp.Initialize("ftp", sServer, 21, sUser, sPwd) Dim oFtpJob As Object = ftp.UploadFile(sResourceFolder, sFileName, False, "/" & sFileName) Wait For (oFtpJob) ftp_UploadCompleted (ServerPath As String, Success As Boolean) If...
  11. P

    German Probleme mit FTP

    Hallo, allen ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr. Ich habe in letzter Zeit vermehrt das Problem, dass ich eine kleine txt-Datei von meinem Server herunterladen möchte und das nicht immer funktioniert. Zumindest funktioniert es nicht, wenn das Android-Gerät über WLAN und Router ins Netz...
  12. M

    Android Question FTP UploadProgress does not fire for every file

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to use FTP to upload multiple files to the server. I do it one by one, i want to show a progress bar, so i did like so: 'This function uploads the files (stored in the list) to the server base' Public Sub CaricaFoto Log(filenamelist) currentTotalFiles =...
  13. peacemaker

    Android Question FTP server after connection

    HI, All How Net lib can help to understand that FTP connection was established ? I mean, after some time a FTP server auto-disconnects the client. How to be sure and make re-connection without errors during try?
  14. A

    B4J Question [Solved] FTP SendCommand MKD with greek characters on folder name.

    Hi. I try to use ftp to replicate a structure from a pc to a remote server (I use ftp because there is no other option). The problem I'm facing is when I want to create a folder that contains greek characters, the command fails. The message I receive is: ReplyCode: 500 ReplyString:500 'MKD...
  15. R

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] añadir lineas a un archivo que esta en un sevidor ftp

    Buenas tardes como puedo añadir mas lineas a un archivo que esta en un servidor Ftp. Gracias
  16. Gustsp

    Spanish FTP UPLOAD no funciona si tiene activado el ahorro de energia

    Buen Día Tengo una app que recibe y envía datos por ftp. Funciona muy bien, pero en ciertos dispositivos, con Android 6+ o superior, que al tener activado el ahorro de energía, cuando envía (upload) los datos por FTP, empieza a enviar y se traba, no enviando los datos completos (que suelen...
  17. MAX_SV

    Italian [RISOLTO] FTP download non funziona più ...

    Ciao a tutti, sono un paio d'anni che ho un software che scarica un file txt da un ftp e lo elabora il codice è il seguente Dim nome, nome1 As String nome= txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem & ".txt" nome1="/public_html/directory/" & txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem &...
  18. J

    Android Question FTP issues.

    I'm having a recent problem that's giving me a headache and I can not figure it out,what the hell is going on, I beg your help for your kindness the problem is that when my b4aAPP (sales force) sends requests, some arrive to the FTP folder, and others do not arrive. but the sent parameter that I...
  19. S

    Italian librerie mancanti

    Buonasera, domanda da principiante, dove trovo le librerie net e ftp? come si possono aggiungere? Grazie a tutti.
  20. J

    Android Question FTP files in a 4G network Not Downloading or Importing

    Hello Good Morning I have a Sales App Developed in b4a, where the vendors of the company have a config file generated in a desktop system transfered to the FTP in model ".CSV", then In the APP the files are downloaded from the FTP and Imported to the system base. but when the vendor uses a 4G...