1. peacemaker

    Android Question FTP server after connection

    HI, All How Net lib can help to understand that FTP connection was established ? I mean, after some time a FTP server auto-disconnects the client. How to be sure and make re-connection without errors during try?
  2. A

    B4J Question [Solved] FTP SendCommand MKD with greek characters on folder name.

    Hi. I try to use ftp to replicate a structure from a pc to a remote server (I use ftp because there is no other option). The problem I'm facing is when I want to create a folder that contains greek characters, the command fails. The message I receive is: ReplyCode: 500 ReplyString:500 'MKD...
  3. R

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] añadir lineas a un archivo que esta en un sevidor ftp

    Buenas tardes como puedo añadir mas lineas a un archivo que esta en un servidor Ftp. Gracias
  4. Gustsp

    Spanish FTP UPLOAD no funciona si tiene activado el ahorro de energia

    Buen Día Tengo una app que recibe y envía datos por ftp. Funciona muy bien, pero en ciertos dispositivos, con Android 6+ o superior, que al tener activado el ahorro de energía, cuando envía (upload) los datos por FTP, empieza a enviar y se traba, no enviando los datos completos (que suelen...
  5. MAX_SV

    Italian [RISOLTO] FTP download non funziona più ...

    Ciao a tutti, sono un paio d'anni che ho un software che scarica un file txt da un ftp e lo elabora il codice è il seguente Dim nome, nome1 As String nome= txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem & ".txt" nome1="/public_html/directory/" & txt_gara.Text &"_" & lst_discesa.SelectedItem &...
  6. J

    Android Question FTP issues.

    I'm having a recent problem that's giving me a headache and I can not figure it out,what the hell is going on, I beg your help for your kindness the problem is that when my b4aAPP (sales force) sends requests, some arrive to the FTP folder, and others do not arrive. but the sent parameter that I...
  7. S

    Italian librerie mancanti

    Buonasera, domanda da principiante, dove trovo le librerie net e ftp? come si possono aggiungere? Grazie a tutti.
  8. J

    Android Question FTP files in a 4G network Not Downloading or Importing

    Hello Good Morning I have a Sales App Developed in b4a, where the vendors of the company have a config file generated in a desktop system transfered to the FTP in model ".CSV", then In the APP the files are downloaded from the FTP and Imported to the system base. but when the vendor uses a 4G...
  9. J

    FTP Download com rede 4G Problemas

    Olá bom dia, Tenho uma aplicação de vendas externas para uma empresa ,onde os arquivos de configurações dos vendedores, são gerados em um sistema desktop, enviados ao FTP, e na Aplicação feita em b4a, os arquivos .csv são enviados ao FTP e então importados para a base fazendo então a...
  10. D

    Android Question Android FTPServer Error

    Hi, i been using the FTPServer that Erel posted here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-ftp-server-implemented-with-socket-and-asyncstreams.74320/page-2 And when i'm trying to copy files to the phone the log from B4A keeps returning "client: PASV" until an error shows...
  11. gregchao

    Android Tutorial Trial Period using FTP

    Here is a method using FTP to create a trial period for your app. Since there is no local file with trial information, the user cannot defeat it by manipulating stored data. Also, FTP calls are very simple and no database required. Thought I would share this method since I have benefited so...