1. Guenter Becker

    Android Question ActionBar Color and Icons

    Dear Erel, Due to the lack of documentation I have to place some questions as followes: How to change the color of the inbuild ActionBar? How to put a Logo Icon before the Title of the Action Bar? How to put an Icon before the MenuItem Text? Could you please give some snippets to answer this...
  2. W

    Android Question [Solved] NB6 icon not showing on lock screen (only the white circle)

    I'm puzzled - not for the first time, certainly not for the last. My device is a Moto X Style running Android 7.0 and the app is compiled with B4A 9.50. When I use B4A Bridge, the notification icon shows properly on the lock screen; B4A Bridge doesn't use NB6 (NotificationBuilder) for...
  3. Didier9

    Android Question How to add an Icon like the Holo theme [solved]

    With the Holo theme, the app would show the app's icon in the top (menu) bar. With the new Light or Dark theme, the icon is gone. Is there a simple way to add it back to the Light or Dark themes?
  4. M

    B4i Library [class] Foreground Notifications

    Hi, for my personal need, i had to write a small class in order receive notification when the app is showing (foreground). Maybe it can be useful to someone. You can set: Custom Text Color Custom Background Color The showing time An icon Vibrate (import the library "iPhone")
  5. M

    iOS Question Navbar like Whatsapp

    Hi! I'm trying to understand the various part that make up the navigation between pages in B4i, and the various options. How can I have a nav bar like this: With custom icon and Text (and eventually the notification dot). It's a acutal navbar, or a panel with button inside? (i ask this...
  6. BeneBarros

    B4J Question Mainform.Icon

    Is there any way to change Mainform.icon at runtime?
  7. Nerdworld

    Android Question Always on Display - Notification Icon [Huawei Mate 20 Pro]

    Hey folks! I'm currently running into an issue with one of my apps: - My app has a constant notification for a running service - On my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) i had a small version of my app icon on the "always on"-display. - On my new phone (Huawei Mate 20 Pro) there is a small...
  8. E

    iOS Question [Solved] FontAwesome not working as button icons

    (re: related thread: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/fontawesome-icons-in-buttons.80993/ ) I had an issue where FontAwesome icons that looked great in Designer: were not displaying in the actual program: and what I eventually tracked it down to was a programming...
  9. R

    Android Question Adaptive Icons In Android 9 'Pie'

    My lead development device is a Samsung S9+ which has just updated to Android 9 'Pie'. The first thing that strikes you is that all the icon frames have turned to 'Squircles' with most looking OK but some B4A apps looking very out of place. On the device there was previously a dialogue...
  10. K

    Android Question button with icon and text at bottom

    Hii, I have to design button with icon or image at center and then text at bottom of icon. How to do this?
  11. Sgdva

    Android Question Choose App Icon Resets To Default

    Good day! I have tried to change the App Icon (Project -> Choose Icon), although it is replaced originally (after I do this I can see the correct Icon under Objects\res\drawable), but whenever I hit release, it gets back to the original (thus exporting as such to the APK) Any ideas what I may be...
  12. Dave O

    Wish update for latest Material and FA icons?

    I'm working through my apps, replacing icon bitmaps with icon fonts wherever I can (an easy way to support various sizes of icons). In B4A 8.50, I just noticed that some Material icons are missing - that is, they are available on material.io but not in the font packaged with B4A. I know that...
  13. D

    Android Question Tabhost icons size too small (sdkversion=26)

    Hi, I've just added targetSdkVersion to 26 and all my layout changes because I had SDKtarget to 14 (I liked much more textbox appearence). I have TabHost with icons and they are too small now. What should I do? I've tried to change IMG to 192x192, use LoadBitMapResize... and same result, the...
  14. R

    Android Question BitmapDrawable cannot be converted to Bitmap

    Need a circular marker with a specified colour for an Osmdroid markeroverlay and thought I could do it like this: Sub Globals() Private bmpPatientMarker As BitmapDrawable End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) bmpPatientMarker.Initialize(TextToBitmapDrawable("O", 24...
  15. LucaMs

    Android Question Notifications icons colors

    I don't know how I have to create the icon. I can see it (white) in the status bar but not in the list of notifications. Can you upload an example? Thank you. P.S. SDK target 23 - device: Android 4.4.2. I'm not so sure that the problem is the "format" of the image file (png, of course)...
  16. R

    Android Question Adding icon to ACToolbar

    Installed the AppCompat library now and trying to add an icon to an ACToolbar: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim ACToolBarDark1 As ACToolBarDark ACToolBarDark1.Initialize("ACToolBar") ACToolBarDark1.LogoBitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "Test.ico") This compiles fine with no...
  17. A

    Android Question Icon App

    Hi, Someone can explain how can I set an ICON to the app (like how to set the app name) thanks.
  18. C

    iOS Question Position of the image in TabBarItem

    I would like to know how I can adjust the TabBarIcon so that it is centralized vertically, I believe that the space below the image can be of the title, in b4i it talks to pass empty string for the title does not appear. Sub Process_Globals Public App As Application Private Page1 As...