iOS Question [Solved] FontAwesome not working as button icons

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by emexes, May 7, 2019.

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    (re: related thread: )

    I had an issue where FontAwesome icons that looked great in Designer:


    were not displaying in the actual program:


    and what I eventually tracked it down to was a programming mistake/oversight on my part (hard to believe, I know ;-/ ) when resizing the button label:
    Dim V As View
    For I = 0 To RootPanel.NumberOfViews - 1
        V = RootPanel.GetView(I)
    If V Is Button Then
            AsButton = V
            AsLabel = AsButton.CustomLabel

    '*** bad - font changed back to default font ***
            'AsLabel.Font = AsLabel.Font.CreateNew(AsLabel.Font.Size * TextScale)

    '*** good - font unchanged eg remains FontAwesome ***
            AsLabel.Font = AsLabel.Font.CreateNew2(AsLabel.Font.Name, AsLabel.Font.Size * TextScale)
    Presumably this issue would also apply where FontAwesome (or other iconic fonts) are used in labels etc too.
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