1. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish There are future plans for b4x to be one ide (b4a, b4j, b4i)

    Since 2015 I have been developing in b4a, then I went to b4j and b4i, followed a part of the evolution of the 3 IDEs and I am very grateful for what Erel did for me, today I have an extra income that helped to buy my house here in Brazil, thank you very much! I always recommend b4x to all my...
  2. D

    Bug? IDE maximize problem

    Hi, Guys I appear to have a problem with IDE when using it with a dual screen setup. When I maximum the IDE (by clicking the top right icon) it maximizes OK but a small portion bleeds onto the other screen. I have also seen it on previous versions of B4i IDE (and B4A) and all my other...
  3. D

    Bug? IDE maximize problem

    Hi, Guys I appear to have a problem with IDE when using it with a dual screen setup. When I maximum the IDE (by clicking the top right icon) it maximizes OK but a small portion bleeds onto the other screen. I have also seen it on previous versions of B4A IDE (and B4i) and all my other...
  4. AbdurRahman

    Wish basic4android command line

    I wish basic4android would have an command line version. Not complex, just basic supported arguments are enough for my requirements e.g -project xxx.bas -out xxx.apk. Background: I always build android studio apps using github ci, because github ci VPS is: free has a lot of tools builds under...
  5. rtek1000

    Bug? B4X IDEs presents BUG by maximizing

    Initial condition: - Windows 10 x64 (20H2) - Have two displays (Extended mode) - The IDE window sized to show a part on each screen Problem: - When the IDE window is maximized, a portion of the window remains on the second screen Verification: - This problem does not occur with other programs...
  6. rtek1000

    Bug? Bug in the dark theme? Logs have very dark text

  7. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question App Icon in B4i

    Hello All, sorry the stupid question, but does anybody could tell me where can I set the app Icon in B4i? I didn't find it in IDE menu like in B4A... Really thanks !!!!
  8. F

    Android Question Waiting for IDE DEBUGGER TO CONNECT

    After the phone is disconnected from the B4A bridge and wanted to run the app or want to try the APK file on a different phone. You received " waiting for ide debugger to connect" and that is the end, it wasn't so before version 10.2
  9. M

    Wish [B4X] B4X for MacOs (news?)

    Hello, I know that this question was answered 2 years ago. I wish to know if there are some news, there will be more clearly a macOS version of b4x ide, or will remain only for Windows? Thanks in advance for answering :D
  10. S

    B4J Question B4J IDE runs on Linux :)

    I don't know if this is old news to people here, but the B4J IDE (including the designer) runs on Ubuntu 20.4 with the latest Crossover (V20). Crossover even has B4J as a known app, so the install is relatively painless. But - and there's always a but - when I try to run a simple program B4J...
  11. D

    Wish B4X Ide shortcut configurable

    When debugging application, is very frequent activate and de-activate breakpoint to see variable and other Context Menu - Breakpoint Actually to activate breakpoint is necessary press with mouse cursor on left of code line or press CTRL+SHIFT+B Since this is an operation performed frequently...
  12. D

    Wish Device name on left-bottom ide corner - when ide is connected with B4A Bridge

    When developing using the B4A ide having connected several devices, only the indication 'B4X-Connected' or' B4X-disconnected' appears at the bottom left But the device name does not appear If I have three phones on which I am testing the app, it would be very useful to have an indication of the...
  13. A

    Android Question Something happened to IDE

    Something happened to IDE. The status bar on the bottom dissipated. See the attached image. This bar used to show the current statuses like Project Cleaned, connected / disconnected, project backup time and so on. I'm using Ver. 10.0 on Windows 10. Everything else is Ok. How to get it back...
  14. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform

    Hello Erel, you have done an excellent job with B4X! When possible, include in B4A, B4I, B4J a button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform, so for those who start in b4x it would be faster to start a project. Another suggestion is in the event B4XPages.AddPage (_, _) I could...

    Wish change IDE default empty space

    Hello friends 🌹 How do I change this default empty space?
  16. C

    Android Example IDE Theme: Night Owl

    Even though I don't know enough to help people with B4A code, I thought that I would give back what I can and share an IDE theme with you. I ported one of my favourite VS Code themes, Night Owl to B4x and it's attached to this post. It's a quick-and-dirty initial conversion, and still does...
  17. ljgww

    B4J Question B4J on Linux Ubuntu 18

    Hi! I am trying to make b4j (latest version 8.x) working on my Ubuntu 18.04. I never used/installed b4j before so I am completely newbee here. I have already seen some posts on the subject and tried various scenarios but I am hitting a wall: 1. i have installed standard wine ubuntu offers...
  18. Sandman

    Wish Show if project has unsaved changes

    I am more and more working cross-platform with b4xlibs, which means that I constantly jump around between the different IDE's to polish a thing here and fix a thing there. More than once I have saved the project in B4A, only to overwrite something I did in B4i/B4J, and vice versa. I do realize...
  19. M

    Wish B4i for macOS

    There will be a Version of B4i for macOS? (Same question for B4A). (I know there are similar posts, but there isn’t an answer :( )
  20. D

    Android Question IDE "Find All References" Problem

    Hi Guys I am having problems with using IDE Find All References (and searched the community post without success). Example, Created a class call clsInfo with various public methods, lets say a method called Save(). Then create an object in a Service (i.e. myService) using that class (i.e...