1. Magma

    Share My Creation MDI Child Windows

    Well... In old Visual Basic had mdi child windows... Well i think that in B4X have many ways to achieve that... I think that this will be helpful... for anyone need... to split his work at many windows that will be inside one (the master window)... also the code can be splitted more at...
  2. W

    Share My Creation (Tool) (B4X) ZipperWm - based on Erel's Zipper tool, with additional functionality - source included

    Objective: Add some additional flexibility to @Erel's Zipper utility ( That utility enables us to have this in our B4XPages projects: 'Ctrl + click to export as zip...
  3. yo3ggx

    Android Question Improve B4A speed using the video card?

    Hello. I was not able to find any post in the forum related to this question. Can B4X IDE benefit from a good video card to speed up the compilation? Currently I'm using a nVIDIA Quadro P600, Ryzen 7 2700 and 96GB or RAM, but it takes ~35s for a full compilation of my B4A application (~18000...
  4. carlos7000

    Spanish Como sugerir una característica nueva? [Solucionado]

    Hola. Deseo sugerir una nueva característica para el Ide de B4A. Como se puedo hacerlo?
  5. David Hawkins

    Android Question IDE Version 12.20 (64 bit)

    When in debug mode my IDE stops debugging after 10 seconds when trying to debug a problem, any ideas?
  6. R

    Android Question IDE improvement

    Not sure this is the right place for it, but I would like to suggest a simple improvement for the B4A IDE: If you are in the Modules view and you have clicked a module, so you will all the members of that module, then if there are a lot of members then you may have to scroll quite a way up to...
  7. A

    Wish Minor improvement in modules tree view.

    Hi. I wonder if it would be easy to differentiate icon before listed subs (in modules tree) to distinguish private subs from public subs. Just a thought. Anyway, IDE is great. Andreas.
  8. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Does #VirtualMachineArgs affect IDE performance?

    Hello. I'm working on a large project and the IDE starts to get slow after working for a while. I was wondering if it's a Java memory issue and increasing it using #VirtualMachineArgs would help. Would it? (I've never run into out-of-memory errors) Thanks.
  9. Reckless

    Wish B4X IDE Panel Layouts

    After about 12 years of working with B4X, we have seen great improvements in this IDE The speed of software development as well as the cleanliness of the codes compared to Android Studio By is all clear I dedicate this plan to dear Erel And as well as better design layout and code application...
  10. rgarnett1955

    B4J Question B4J 64 Bit: Does this produce different executable code?

    Hi, Does the new B4J 64 bit version produce different (64 bit) code or is it just the IDE is running with 64 Bit code? Best regards Rob
  11. A

    Android Question Java version 8 vs 11

    Hi all. I'm using IDE 1.50 with Java 8. Do I need to use Java 11? No problems so far, just asking. Thanks.
  12. J

    Android Question Compile&Run gives strange message from adb

    I have wirelessly connected successfully with B4A-Bridge 2.62 from B4A v11.20 (using Tools->Connect) to my Android phone. But when I do Project->Compile &Run on any project I get: adb.exe F 03-02 09:17:47 427 425 sysdeps_win32.cpp:2743] _wenviron is not set, did you link with -municode? I...
  13. F

    Share My Creation [B4X] Dark Theme for Code Editor

    A Dark theme for the IDE env. The theme is matched to my taste of colors :) so i hope others will like it too. To use, download the file and unzip it in the folder below: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Anywhere Software \ Basic4android \ Themes In the IDE, open the Tools / IDE options / Themes...
  14. epiCode

    [Poll] What do you wish for?

    1. This is not an official survey 2. This is not even a guarantee of any sort that any of the features will make it to B4X 3. This is general chit chat to know what fellow developers "wish" for and its priority 4. Votes are anonymous
  15. epiCode

    Bug? Hindi in IDE

    English, Hebrew, Arabic text is displayed normally in IDE (Code/Log/Debug) Windows but not Hindi ? Do I need to tweak something to make IDE display Hindi too? PS: I have all the fonts/languages/keyboards/regional settings etc in place because they work fine everywhere else (even in B4A IDE...
  16. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish There are future plans for b4x to be one ide (b4a, b4j, b4i)

    Since 2015 I have been developing in b4a, then I went to b4j and b4i, followed a part of the evolution of the 3 IDEs and I am very grateful for what Erel did for me, today I have an extra income that helped to buy my house here in Brazil, thank you very much! I always recommend b4x to all my...
  17. D

    Bug? IDE maximize problem

    Hi, Guys I appear to have a problem with IDE when using it with a dual screen setup. When I maximum the IDE (by clicking the top right icon) it maximizes OK but a small portion bleeds onto the other screen. I have also seen it on previous versions of B4i IDE (and B4A) and all my other...
  18. D

    Bug? IDE maximize problem

    Hi, Guys I appear to have a problem with IDE when using it with a dual screen setup. When I maximum the IDE (by clicking the top right icon) it maximizes OK but a small portion bleeds onto the other screen. I have also seen it on previous versions of B4A IDE (and B4i) and all my other...
  19. AbdurRahman

    Wish basic4android command line

    I wish basic4android would have an command line version. Not complex, just basic supported arguments are enough for my requirements e.g -project xxx.bas -out xxx.apk. Background: I always build android studio apps using github ci, because github ci VPS is: free has a lot of tools builds under...
  20. rtek1000

    Bug? B4X IDEs presents BUG by maximizing

    Initial condition: - Windows 10 x64 (20H2) - Have two displays (Extended mode) - The IDE window sized to show a part on each screen Problem: - When the IDE window is maximized, a portion of the window remains on the second screen Verification: - This problem does not occur with other programs...