1. MarkusR

    Wish IDE connected to multiple devices

    it seems the ide can connect only to one bridge app. i like to start my app from within ide and it run at all devices.
  2. MarkusR

    Wish ide extention via executable .jar files in tools menu

    can u list files in a ide sub folder Tools the filename as menu name and at click execute this .exe,.jar,.bat? Menu/Tools/Extentions/...
  3. MarkusR

    B4J Question is it possible to make a ide extension that can be reached by menu?

    is it possible to make a ide extension that can be reached by menu? an executable .jar (or maybe .exe) that appear in a ide menu.
  4. MarkusR

    Wish IDE Font Style selection?

    Hello, i found a nice font but can not select a style from it in the ide. it have SourceCodePro-Black SourceCodePro-Bold SourceCodePro-ExtraLight SourceCodePro-Light SourceCodePro-Medium <- SourceCodePro-Regular SourceCodePro-Semibold <-
  5. MarkusR

    Wish Support of File Link

    hello, it would be nice if we can use a link to a designer layout file example 1.bjl as 1.bjl.lnk or possibility of a reference to a layout file same as we have for classes / modules (copy / absolute path / relative path after drag & drop)
  6. Sandman

    Wish Make number of lines in Log configurable (or save to disk also)

    I recently needed to catch quite a lot of logs to find an issue, and found that the IDE limits the log to 5000 lines, with no option to increase. Therefore I propose that the Log size can be configurable, to a really high number. I do understand that there might be limits to what the Log area...
  7. Sandman

    Android Question How do I increase log size in the IDE?

    I need to increase size of the log in the IDE. Is this related somehow to the Developer options -> Logger buffer sizes in the phone? So if I increase it in the phone, it will show more in the IDE? Or what would be the way to do this?
  8. JohnC

    Wish Please add a "Bookmarks" tab

    I often need to jump between a few places in my code that are NOT in the same module. The current way bookmarks are implemented in B4A's IDE makes it impossible for me to do this quickly. Some users suggested creating remarked keywords such as 'FixUI and place these in the spots of my code that...
  9. J

    Android Question Where can we find the Net - v1.77 Library?

    Good morning Unfortunately, in the B4x documentation looks like the Net - v1.77 Library is part of the default libraries. But because the B4A IDE Library Manager does not know anything about the Net - v1.77 Library, I guess we have to google for...
  10. Sandman

    Bug? IDE a little shakier in 8.30 when using RDP

    I'm using B4A using RDP from my Linux box, and I'm getting weird error messages from this now and then (at least I don't think non-RDP users are seeing them). Earlier they've been simple to ignore, they haven't really affected much. Just a strange message to close, and continue working...
  11. Sandman

    Wish Add IDE support for variable documentation

    If we have a sub like this... ' This is a very important sub Public Sub showingOff Msgbox("Never use Msgbox", "Important message") End Sub ...we get very nice docs when hovering that sub name in other code: However, if we do the same with a variable: ' This timer is very important...
  12. J

    Wish Please offer a separate Hotkey for Quick search and split Search from Replace

    Hello Could you please: Offer separate Hotkeys for Search and Quick search? Please split the Search and Search / Replace function. It is really dangerous, that a User execute Search/Replace by accident, although he only wanted to search but was forced to use the Search/Replace dialog, because...
  13. J

    Bug? Please allow us to search for single characters, too

    Good afternoon Every IDE and Editor we know is able to find single characters... unfortunately, B4A does not allow this: it forces us to use at least 2 characters. This is very annoying if one needs to search for exactly one character and because we found this bug, we really need it. Please...
  14. J

    Wish IDE: Bookmarks: please offer a Hotkey to globally jump to next / previous bookmark

    Good morning The Bookmarks are a great feature, but we still are forced to manually search them :-(, because we have much more often bookmarks in different files than more than one or two bookmarks in one file Could you please offer two new Hotkeys?: Jump to next Bookmark (in any File)...
  15. J

    Wish IDE: B4A-Bridge: Please don't nest the menu

    Good evening We are working with multiple Android Devices and it's very annoying to find the Way in the IDE Menu just to connect to another Device: Tools » B4A-Bridge » Connect » <Device> It would be great, if you could: Create a B4A-Bridge Top Menu, so that the way gets shorter by one step...
  16. J

    Wish IDE: B4A-Bridge: Please display the Name of the connected Device in the Status bar

    Good evening We are working with multiple Android Devices and it's annoying, that the IDE does not display in the Status bar, which device is connected. It just Displays: "B4A-Bridge: Connected / Disconnected" It would be great if you could display the Name of the connected Device, for...
  17. J

    Android Question B4A: IDE: How to really delete the Logs?

    Good evening the B4A Logs has a "Clear" button. Unfortunately, it does not clear the log, it's just similar to a "clear screen" in a shell and all the old Logs comes back really fast (e.g. if the App is restarted :-() Because we're usually not interested in old Logs or exceptions (especially...
  18. J

    Android Question B4A: How to hide caught Exception in Log?

    Good evening If an Exception is caught using B4A, then it's annoying to have the stack trace in the Log, because it looks like there was an unhandled error. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish between real exceptions and caught exceptions. Therefore my question: how can we hide caught...
  19. MarkusR

    Wish AssetsFolder in ide did not list my sub folders

    i have an issue (in B4A 7.80) , i put a three.js-master folder with one example in Files folder but at synchronize in ide it not appear and in ide/activity said file not found. i try to open the html file in web view, it was more or less a experiment if 3d view is possible. (323 files in 41...
  20. MarkusR

    iOS Question B4i IDE environment

    i not have this product, can i use the ide at windows pc and mac? as i understand: at windows pc the ide use a mac (i have a mac mini) for compile and then it copy via B4I-Bridge app to phone. at mac it will compile direct and show the app in xcode phone emulator or push it to the phone via...