1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS Onboarding [Payware]

    AS Onboarding is a view you can use to attract first-time users when they land on your app. Or to present new features after a major update, with pictures and descriptions. Or to collect user data at the 1st start of the app, many things are possible. The View is modular and can also be...
  2. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation AI Photo Editor App

    AI Photo Editor App Project purchase: $15.9 Contact & Paypal: [email protected] Introducing this simple yet comprehensive photo editing project, incorporating a variety of advanced features and powered by artificial intelligence techniques. Features: Smart Removal of Objects and...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Storage Image Transformations Supabase Storage offers the functionality to transform and resize images dynamically. Any image stored in your buckets can be transformed and optimized for fast delivery...
  4. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Storage Files This is a very simple tutorial on how to use the storage file options. Upload File Uploads a file to an existing bucket. Dim UploadFile As Supabase_StorageFile =...
  5. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] SD ProductPicker

    SD_ProductPicker Author: Star-Dust Version: 1.07 DiskImagePicker Events: BallClicked (Index As Int) BallLongClicked (Index As Int) ChangeIndex (Index As Int) CloveClicked (Index As Int) Functions: Class_Globals As String DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) As...
  6. tulerpeton

    Looking for a developer B4A

    Hi, I need to modify this attached project in B4A : It displays sliding panels with labels on each. The work I ask is for start : - I would like to add an image button on each panel instead of the label. - And if pressed I need each button to open a new panel. If you can do this, send me...
  7. tulerpeton

    Looking for a developer B4A

    I need to modify this attached project in B4A : It displays sliding panels with labels on each. The work I ask is for start : - I would like to add an image button on each panel instead of the label. - And if pressed I need each button to open a new panel. If you can do this, send me your...
  8. M

    iOS Question Button with image/icon and text aligned correctly

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to achieve this result for a button I tried by using ButtonAttributeText and MaterialIcons but the result is this arrow and text should be horizontally aligned... (bigger is the MaterialIcon character, and more evident the offset became) So I tried using an...
  9. aeric

    B4J Library [Source code] ImageScaler

    Introduction: I don't know if there is any library exist to resize image in B4J non-UI app. I thought such library will be useful to process images for web server in building REST API for e-commerce or e-learning web apps. I found an example on web and chose the third method, from an old project...
  10. fernando1987

    Share My Creation Implement notifications with images from firebase (source code for sale)

    ⚠️ Important: This product requires the latest version of the JdashboardUI library. JdashboardUI enhances the graphic interface of your desktop applications. ⚡️ Discover the App Design Revolution with JdashboardUI 🌟 Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to introduce my latest creation: a library that...
  11. D

    Android Question Component to draw on images (for B4A and B4I)

    Hi, For a customer that is active in the construction and placement of aluminium windows i need to create an app that allows to take images on the road. For each image, it should be possible to draw on it with the finger and save the image including the drawing to a new image. These images...
  12. B

    Android Question Difficulty converting bytes to images

    Hi Erel had previously installed a CCTV source: I edited these sources for further practice so that images from one client are sent in bytes to the server and from the server are sent to another client, and in another...
  13. S

    B4A Class Class media

    Hi, An easy way to take/record/choose photo/video/audio with this small class (clMedia.bas). No permission needed It uses intents to call default app. 3 constants for media type cPhoto = 0 cVideo=1 cAudio=2 2 constants for origin cNew=0 cChoose=1 1 method to call with 2 parameters (media...
  14. Star-Dust

    Share My Creation ImageLauncer / Small Video direction

    SALE New Version 20€ - Old Version 10€ (The B4A App will be included in the price to be installed on an android device to work from IPCam) Small slide/video direction. New version announced at post 18 It allows you to send images and videos contained in your PC to secondary screens connected...
  15. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question Blurry images on CSBuilder

    Hi All, Maybe this is a silly question, i'm getting blurry/distorted images when appending images to CSBuilder. I use the resize function on initialize bitmap to adjust images before adding them to the builder. I'm using the code on this post to perform the append image...
  16. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question CSBuilder getting '<b4icsbuilder ' when appending images

    Hello Everyone, Maybe this is a silly question, I'm new in B4i and i'm translating a long project from B4A to B4i, I'm debuging on an iPhone and i'm getting weird codes when trying to append a single image to a csBuilder and showing it in a label object I'm using this post information...
  17. M

    iOS Question Image.Rotate Strange behavior

    Hi everyone. From today the instruction .Rotate for a bitmap is behaving in a strange way. I think the only thing changed is that I update to iOS 14.3. My tests The code Sub Cam_Complete(Success As Boolean, Image as Bitmap, VideoPath As String) If Success Then If...
  18. padvou

    Android Question Solved [B4X] B4XImageView - Possible to rotate image by 90 degrees?

    Hello, if the application is for example in portrait and the image to be displayed would be displayed better if it were landscape, could the image be rotated by 90 degrees and then displayed in the imageview? I dont want to rotate the whole app to landscape.
  19. SoftSpot

    Android Question Load an Image from MS Sql Server into customlistview

    I am having trouble loading an image (sql type: image) into my customlistview. Without the Image code all works fine, I would appreciate some here as I an running into walls. #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These...
  20. A

    Android Question How To insert a B4XImageView component via line of code?

    with ImageView just Do so Dim img As ImageView Activity.AddView(img, 0%x, 5%y, 100%x, 20%y) But how would it be To insert a B4XImageView component in the Activity via line of code? Thank you very much in advance