1. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Chat Example - BCTextEngine

    Hello, I'm using this example to do my chat: But i did not get how to put an image in the bubble. Is there a way to do this with this example? Thank you.
  2. Dave O

    Android Question drawing variable transparency to reveal underlying image?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to reveal an image by putting a black bitmap on top of it, then letting the user draw on the screen to gradually reveal the image. (Think of it as rubbing soot off a window so you can see through it.) I can draw with transparency to completely reveal the...
  3. M

    B4i Library [class] Foreground Notifications

    Hi, for my personal need, i had to write a small class in order receive notification when the app is showing (foreground). Maybe it can be useful to someone. You can set: Custom Text Color Custom Background Color The showing time An icon Vibrate (import the library "iPhone")

    Android Question Image URL and image base64

    Hello, I am working with 2 types of image sources: - IMG downloaded from an URL and - images returned into a json with base64 format. 1/ But i do not know how to put the image b64 in an image view, 2/ in the meantime and until today, I do like this: I first copy the image datas from base64...
  5. Yeskay

    Android Question How to download images from internet server folder

    Hi, when my application starts, i need to download all image files from my web-server specific folder and place it in cache folder of app. i tried but i can't able to do it successfully.
  6. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Drag, Drop, Rotate and Resize Images

    Hello, i was looking for a lib that do all the functions mentioned in title and the best lib that i found and that works perfectly is this one made by @Johan Schoeman But it's only working with one image...
  7. MarkusR

    Android Example ContentChooser Example (select image at phone)

    Here is a ContentChooser Example project to choose a image at phone for use in a activity with image view. it works with B4A 9.x and Android 8.1Übersicht
  8. walterf25

    Android Question CameraEx Show picture in Gallery

    Hi All, i need to show the image taken using CameraEx class in the gallery, I found the code below which i am implementing in the Camera1_PictureTaken function right after taking the picture, i remember this working just fine before, but for some reason it is no longer working, i thought maybe i...

    Android Question ImageDownloader library + Cache admin

    Hello, im using the library : ImageDownloader in a loop of a few items of a customview I just noticed that the images are systematically downloaded from the server. In fact, I would like to find a way to use the cache when : - the image already exists - and has the same properties. (if...
  10. K

    Spanish Cargar imagen desde galeria y mostrar en imageview

    Buenas, Estoy trabajando en un proyecto donde debo cargar una imagen desde la galería y mostrarla en un imageView, ya la puedo seleccionar con este código: Chooser.Initialize("chooser") Try Chooser.Show("image/*", "Seleccione Imagen") Log("Imagen Cargada") Catch...
  11. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question get image from a video

    Hello, i am trying to get image from a video. I did it when i recorded a video and went back to app, but when i use the ContentChooser i can't do this. How can i get the image from a video after i choose this image with ContentChooser? Here is my code to get the image after i record a video...
  12. C

    iOS Question Zoomable ImageView

    I'm looking for an imageview that provides the usual pinch to zoom and panning capabilities. I came across Narek Adonts' libZOOM library, discussed here: but I am having the same issue that Graham Bancroft reported which is...
  13. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: DS Photo Editor SDK

    I found this great photo editor, it is free to integrate : standard license also for commercial apps is free (if the logo is displayed) white label customization available for a fee Any volunteer to create a b4a wrapper? Would be really nice ! I used to open...
  14. M

    Wish ESP32 Camera Module Support

    I'm sure some of you have seen some of the youtube clips of the ESP32 Camera Module (if not you can check out a few here). The demos are intriguing and open up a world of possibilities. I have a project in mind to use an ESP32 and the Camera module triggered from a PIR sensor and snap a picture...
  15. A

    Android Question Share image throw FileProvider class

    Hello, I tried to use Erel's new class ( to share an image. I tried to share an image by the example of sharing a file, but the app crashed... Does anybody have an example of sharing an image(only) using...
  16. A

    Android Question Create image from panel

    Hello, Does anybody know if there is a way to create and save an image that contains a screenshot of a panel (with all the B4Xview inside)? Thanks in advance
  17. Cornelius Smit

    iOS Question Base64 to Bitmap

    Good day I am a bit frustrated as my code work in Android but not in IOS I get the following error Error occurred on line: 65 (Main) Error loading image. Stack Trace: ( CoreFoundation <redacted> + 252 libobjc.A.dylib objc_exception_throw + 56 CoreFoundation <redacted> +...
  18. P

    WP up&download : Mix voice with images and short movies

    Hi all, I am looking for a skilled B4A and/or B4I developer for a new mobile app for e-learning. Closed, thanks for all answers
  19. Helmut S

    Android Question How to visualize picture data from SQL Server

    Hello Community, I am trying to show a picture saved in a column of a SQL Server table using an ImageView. Here is a sample of the data I retrieve from the database: [{"kunde_id":26058,"Saison":"20181231","status":0,"vorname":"Hal","name":"****","adresse1":"1354 Main...
  20. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: ImageCrop

    This new library will allow you to make cuts on images in a square (rectangular), circle and ellipse. Moreover, the image can be enlarged by the user, and rotated to obtain different cuts. I have used XUI libraries, if I have time I convert it to Android. The full version will be distributed to...