1. Devv

    Convert B4A App to B4I

    Hello i have a small webview app made with B4A, we want to convert it to B4I the application views a website with webview and receive notifications with firebase there is also 2 small activities all code is simple clean and quoted with explanations libraries used attached modules used...
  2. EdisonMales

    iOS Question error Local Mac Builder Installing B4i-Bridge

    I am using a local mac and I get the following error when I want to compile in B4i-Bridge on a real device I followed the steps 1 2...
  3. D

    iOS Question Firebase has stopped working.

    Hi Guys I have a iOS app which receives Firebase messages and in the last month it has stopped working. This is what I have tried. 1. I am using the latest version of B4i (v5.80) 2. The Android version of the App is still working ok. 3. Using the post...
  4. J

    iOS Question Connect Bluetooth Keyoard iOS

    How do I get the key pressed from a bluetooth keyboard connected to a iOS device in B4i?
  5. S

    iOS Question Building Swift B4i Libraries

    Hi Erel I am wanting to integrate Googles ML Kit into an application on both Android and iOS. I have managed to do this on Android using Eclipse to build the wrapper library and integrate it into B4A application that works as excepted. I am now trying to do the same thing for B4i application...
  6. D

    iOS Question App not responding to socket messages while in background

    Hi all, I have an app which uses sockets (from the iNetwork library) to communicate with another device over WiFi. Some of the messages received from the other device can cause local notifications to be raised on the iPhone running the app, or the app to send responses back to the other device...
  7. DoctorDebug

    iOS Question (Solved) Download Last Build does something.... but what?

    I have an ios app, compiles and run fine in IDE and bridge, then compiles and installs fine (again via bridge) when selecting "Build Release App". But then clicking on "Download Last Build" does nothing - no error, no file, nothing. Using Hosted Builder. Thanks Add: Running B4I 5.3 on Windows 10
  8. alimanam3386

    B4i Library iAmir_Glide

    Experience Glide in IOS for the first time with iAmir_Glide :) I am pleased to publish my first library for b4i. Glide is an image loading and caching library for Android but now for iOS focused on smooth scrolling. an advanced image downloader library. Support png,jpg,gif,... Control cache...
  9. T

    iOS Question How do I upload a PDF file from storage/iCloud/iBooks?

    Is it possible to add an option to select a storage / iCloud / iBooks PDF file? And so keeping the options shown in the image.
  10. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Possible to make B4XDrawer cover top of screen also?

    This question is regarding the lovely B4XDrawer, which I'm a huge fan of. On Android, B4XDrawer also covers the top of the screen, like we can see here: (With a transparent status bar) On iOS the drawer doesn't overlap the top section: However, when looking at (for instance) the Gmail...
  11. eps

    iOS Question WebView in iOS....

    I've developed a few small Apps in B4A, but I'm conscious that I need to place them on iOS as well... I'm working towards a game, with HTML5, Javascript and using Babylon.js Has anyone converted a WebView from B4A? If so can they let me know if they have been able to successfully convert the...
  12. M

    iOS Question problem with arabic character in JSON

    Hi all im a ios dev for a project that hosted with every thing is ok but in some api that have arabic character it shown coded when i log whole job.getstring it shows {"msg":{"IsError":false,"Message":"","eCode":0,"StartDate":"7/23/2018 1:49:56 PM","EndDate":"7/23/2018 1:49:56...
  13. Mashiane

    365 Web Resources

    Quite interesting find..
  14. Darren69

    iOS Question B4i - Firebase Push Notification - Clarification

    Hi All, I have finally gotten around to updating my B4A and B4i applications and wanted to check something before I started to dig in to why something is not working the way I expected it to. With the Android version regardless of if the application is running sending a firebase notification...
  15. N

    iOS Question Problems with merging two db3 files

    So I am currently working on a b4i app that is having some issues when trying to merge two db3 files. The files are supposed to merge by downloading the latest file from a server and then migrating the data from that new file to the old one. However since changing how files are downloaded an...
  16. B

    iOS Question FTP connection on IOS

    Hi we seem to be having an issue with IOS connecting to FTP to download a db3 file into an application, the same process works fine in Android. Just a problem connecting for some reason to check for the file in a folder on the server and then download. Is anyone able to offer any help for this...
  17. stingrae

    iOS Question Firebase causes a crash in iOS

    Hi all, I have Firebase messaging working perfectly on my Android, and am now trying to get it working in iOS. I've just gone through this tutorial and then tried to compile it, but it's giving me the error below. It seems...
  18. Humberto

    iOS Question I can´t debug

    I tryed to debug an application and the install starts and than I receive a message "Can not transfer" and two buttons "OK" and "Try". If I compile "Tools - Build Server - Build Release application" the app install in my Iphone . Can someone help ?