1. N

    iOS Question Problems with merging two db3 files

    So I am currently working on a b4i app that is having some issues when trying to merge two db3 files. The files are supposed to merge by downloading the latest file from a server and then migrating the data from that new file to the old one. However since changing how files are downloaded an...
  2. B

    iOS Question FTP connection on IOS

    Hi we seem to be having an issue with IOS connecting to FTP to download a db3 file into an application, the same process works fine in Android. Just a problem connecting for some reason to check for the file in a folder on the server and then download. Is anyone able to offer any help for this...
  3. stingrae

    iOS Question Firebase causes a crash in iOS

    Hi all, I have Firebase messaging working perfectly on my Android, and am now trying to get it working in iOS. I've just gone through this tutorial and then tried to compile it, but it's giving me the error below. It seems...
  4. Humberto

    iOS Question I can´t debug

    I tryed to debug an application and the install starts and than I receive a message "Can not transfer" and two buttons "OK" and "Try". If I compile "Tools - Build Server - Build Release application" the app install in my Iphone . Can someone help ?