1. Sagenut

    Android Tutorial Widget Layout (Resizable, Adaptive)

    Not sure if this can be considered a Tutorial, my first attempt. Lately I started to play with Widgets, mostly for curiosity. The main problem I encountered was how to design the Layout to make it resizable and make the content to adapt automatically to size changes. Unluckily designing a widget...
  2. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Chat Layout bad textfield positioning

    Hi, I'm slowly integrate the chat example from @Erel (Thanks you) but when I click the textfield it resize in a bad way I guess. It's too much above the keyboard. Thank to anyone will answer!
  3. M

    iOS Code Snippet Chat Layout Example (some corrections needed)

    Hi everyone, i want to share this "chat layout". I hope it will be useful to somebody. It is a translated version from the Andoid one by @Douglas Farias. It has some bugs, that someone can help me to fix. For example i want the CustomListView always display the last element (without bringing...
  4. M

    iOS Question CustomListView loaded layout can't be modified by code

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to adapt an example of a chat layout (android reference by @Douglas Farias) I want to change the property (width, height, position) of a panel in a customlistview (loaded with loadlayout). If I go step by step with the Debugger it seems to work, but as soon as it go on...
  5. M

    iOS Code Snippet Horizontal Panel Scroller (like TabView in B4A) with PageIndicator

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you this example project, that is a slightly modified version of this one. Maybe can be useful to someone else. It's adapted to be an horizontal panel scroller, that correctly center the loaded layout in the panels.
  6. M

    B4J Question client screen size

    how to get the client screen size? I want to fit the content design based on their screen size. or is there another way to make the system design (layout) fit correctly to their screen size?
  7. L

    Android Question Weird layout with anchor

    Why using anchoring does my layout look weird? In the preview screen I have three buttons that are anchored on the left and right, if you notice they have a horizontal space between them, but on the real device the screen looks weird, has no spacing. What am I doing wrong? When I use the...
  8. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix]: Lesson 1 - Understanding the layout of a Webix SPA

    Ola Reference: Proof of Concept A couple of days ago i started on about a proof of concept I am working on. A wrapper of the Webix framework to create BANano based apps. What is Webix and Why? Webix is an HTML5/CSS3-based UI toolkit that helps you build complex and dynamic web apps that are...
  9. A

    Android Question [Closed] Reusing layout, how to reuse/factor related code?

    Layout and their scripts are fantastic! In my current application, I have such a layout that is actually for an overlay/dialog and I'm reusing it in 2 activities. However, I can't find a way to reuse the code that handle them (filling the fields, handling the events, etc). I could write a...
  10. aeric

    Wish [B4A] Default Screen Variant

    I am using the 4" Phone emulator which has 480 x 854 skin. I think nowadays modern phones have longer screen too. Every time I open a new Designer window, the default "General" variant is 320 x 480, scale = 1 (160dpi) and my views unable to fit in this default screen real estate. Wish: I hope...
  11. F

    Android Question How to create a scrollable screen

    Hi, It may be a trivial question, however, I added views to the layout which are not fitting vertically the visible part of the device, and I thought a scrollbar will automatically show when I run, however it does not. How to display the missing views on the device screen. Thanks
  12. P

    Android Question Incorrect layout view when changing screen orientation

    Hello experts! I use this string android:configChanges="orientation|screenSize" in the manifest to save data when I change the orientation of the screen. OK, the information is saved, but the layout view does not adapt to the new orientation, i.e. for example, the portrait view doesn't change to...
  13. Devv

    Android Question Making GUI without layout

    How can i add a button to an activity without making a layout file ? without using this Activity.LoadLayout("Main") i tried everything to make the button visable , but no success #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals End...
  14. aeric

    Android Question Export B4A Layout to XML

    Hi, Is there anyway I can convert or extract my B4A project layout file into XML format. Why? Because I can build a prototype using B4A for my client and then he can look for another person to build the actual app using other tools such as Android Studio. I can provide the layout I designed...
  15. nibbo

    Android Question Common Layouts

    Hi All I have found an example of how to implement common classes & modules. I was just creating a new app which has a standard layout for the user log in. If we were to rebrand, it would be a chore to go through each one and update it. Is there a way to save the layout and associated images...
  16. K

    Android Question customlistview setlayoutanimated

    Hii Expert I designing CustomListView in my app. I need it five different times and in five different look with other layout I have issue with p.SetLayoutAnimated(0,0,0,60%x,35%x) I am confuse about how to give width and height, so is their is any way to get panel used height also if i'm...
  17. W

    Android Question Layout-Files there, but not found?

    Good morning, sorry, this is my second question for this morning, but I can't find similar problems in the forum. I created a new empty project in B4A 8.0. Then I created a layout and saved it as "LayoutA". After clicking on OK (for saving the layout in designer), I'm immediatly getting three...
  18. M

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Closable and Non-closable tag pages with layouts

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a B4J desktop app that will have a tabpane with user added tabpages. When the app starts it will have a default "Home" tabpage which will not be closable. Any tabpage added by a user from clicking a "menu" option from a ListView, will be able to be closed by the user...
  19. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question how can i unload layout ?

    hi everyone ! how can i unload layout without "Re"load back side ? like this screenshot > this buttons are loades on "front" of Gmaps , how can i unload this buttons layout without reload gmaps layout ?
  20. Pooya1

    Android Question Fit label textsize with devices

    I add label with 14 textsize in designer for 5 inch device Now when app launch in tablet,though i use autoscaleall but textsize is small still What strategy i use for response layout?