1. K

    Android Question customlistview setlayoutanimated

    Hii Expert I designing CustomListView in my app. I need it five different times and in five different look with other layout I have issue with p.SetLayoutAnimated(0,0,0,60%x,35%x) I am confuse about how to give width and height, so is their is any way to get panel used height also if i'm...
  2. W

    Android Question Layout-Files there, but not found?

    Good morning, sorry, this is my second question for this morning, but I can't find similar problems in the forum. I created a new empty project in B4A 8.0. Then I created a layout and saved it as "LayoutA". After clicking on OK (for saving the layout in designer), I'm immediatly getting three...
  3. M

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Closable and Non-closable tag pages with layouts

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a B4J desktop app that will have a tabpane with user added tabpages. When the app starts it will have a default "Home" tabpage which will not be closable. Any tabpage added by a user from clicking a "menu" option from a ListView, will be able to be closed by the user...
  4. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question how can i unload layout ?

    hi everyone ! how can i unload layout without "Re"load back side ? like this screenshot > this buttons are loades on "front" of Gmaps , how can i unload this buttons layout without reload gmaps layout ?
  5. Pooya1

    Android Question Fit label textsize with devices

    I add label with 14 textsize in designer for 5 inch device Now when app launch in tablet,though i use autoscaleall but textsize is small still What strategy i use for response layout?
  6. peacemaker

    Android Question current typing keyboard's language

    How to get ?