1. Spright

    Bounty: Update LibGDX Add-on for B4A

    Bounty: Update LibGDX Add-on for B4A to make it compatible with up to Android API 33 and higher Description: Update the LibGDX add-on for B4A to fix compatibility issues with newer Android versions (confirmed working until API-28). Solve intermittent crashes during pause using the recent...
  2. andymc

    Games What's the latest?

    It feels like it's been a bit quiet here lately, game making wise. What's everyone's current projects? And what framework/libraries are you using? I'm updating my old retro space invaders clones, that use the libGDX library. I know I should probably look into X2 to make them cross platform, but...
  3. coldteam

    Share My Creation My new Game: RPG adventure "Soul Crusade"

    Hello everyone. I am glad to announce that my new game is released on Google Play. Google Play link "Soul Crusade" Soul Crusade - Launch Trailer The game feels good, for my taste. Project based on LibGdx with GPGS. I want to thank: @Informatix @Biswajit @Jack Cole @Erel for their great work...
  4. Ja8

    Games Trying to put a "fire button" in my stage with LibGDX

    Hi everybody: First of all, this is my first message in the forum. I have read the rules, but I'm sorry if I had some errors writing this. I'm trying to make a very simple game in LibGDX with a main screen, a stage, an actor, a camera that follows the actor and a couple of buttons (to shot and...
  5. HMdesigner

    Games XNA to ... ?

    Hello, Thank you to Erel, and all those who have created this opportunity to create cross-platform software. I am grateful. I was mostly done creating a game using and XNA for Windows when I discovered B4X in February. Since then I have been reading the forums trying to understand the...
  6. A

    Android Question put image on body

    in the name of kindly generous GOD Hello body is lgbox2dbody or dim body as lgbox2dbody i want to put image on body else i must put a shape wich that is not good for me How do we put an image on body?
  7. wonder

    Android Question [SOLVED] Reflection and template argument

    SOLVED: Hi! This is a Reflection question, so please read-on even if you're not familiar with LibGDX. With regards to LibGDX, I'm trying to access (with reflection) the "derivativeAt" method of the...
  8. coldteam

    Share My Creation Dark Rage RPG

    Hello! My new game: Dark Rage GOOGLE PLAY: This game: + gamepad support + open world effect Update: Since the release, I made a lot of changes. Finished the character and made a changeable look, depending on the armor or...
  9. walterf25

    Android Question libGDX lgScreen issue

    Hello all, i have been re-writing my old Whack A Bieber game written with libGDX, i decided to make use of the lgScreen and lgScreenManager classes to have better control of the game and to try to get rid of unnecessary code. I followed the MultiScreen example that comes in the Examples written...
  10. andymc

    Share My Creation [GAME] Asteroid Sprint

    Hi all! I just released my 9th game on the Play Store! this one is a simple infinite runner where you shoot and dodge Asteroids, getting as high a score as you can before you die. Try it on the Play Store now...
  11. coldteam

    Android Question Box2D world scale

    Hi, i try to start use Box2D and need some help: 1. set camera like this: Dim Scale As Int = 100 Sub LG_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int) Camera.Initialize2( Scale * 4, Scale * 4 * Height / Width) Camera.Position.set(0, Scale, 0) End Sub 2. set world: Dim vGravity As lgMathVector2...