1. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Theming the Framework - ModalSheets

    ModalSheets what are they and what are they for? From ABMaterial Demo we can read: An ABMModalSheet component is like a mini ABMPage helper, but it pops up over the existing page. It has two ABMContainers, one that makes up the header and one for the footer section, so you can use everyting...
  2. H

    B4J Question [abmaterial] Incompatibility between modalsheet and B4JS

    Greetings!!! Is there anyone there encountered incompatibility between abm modalsheet and b4js? When you call the component.B4JSUniqueKey = "value", the modalsheet's component will not easily load the component's content when you call the componentname.text = "value" later. If it loads, it...
  3. H

    B4J Question [abmaterial]Modalsheet takes long time to load its data

    Greetings! I don't know if any has encountered this kind of issue... There's no issue when loading a modal sheet which has components like a abminput/textbox containing a data in it. For instance, the texbox contains a person's name which is provided when the modalsheet is created. But what...
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Library [ABMaterial] Creating ABMModalSheets at runtime: Part 3

    Ola This part of this class provides one with a helper class to get all events code linked to each of the components added to the modal sheet. This code is nicely written to the B4X log, so that one can copy and paste it to their pages code. This is meant to simplyfy the coding process. When...