B4J Question [abmaterial]Modalsheet takes long time to load its data


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I don't know if any has encountered this kind of issue...

There's no issue when loading a modal sheet which has components like a abminput/textbox containing a data in it. For instance, the texbox contains a person's name which is provided when the modalsheet is created. But what if, when the modalsheet is already displaying and the name of the person is coming from a database and not during the creation of modalsheet? For instance, if you are presenting a user's profile where you will present the modalsheet containing the user's information like his name. This is the issue. The code is suppose to be:
textbox.text = user_name
. It does work, but it takes about a minute before a component, in this case abminput, will show the data. So, if there are three textboxes, it consumes about 3 minutes. If you add buttons and you do like this btnUpdate.Refresh, the loading will be extended by another 1 minute.

Has anybody encountered this? There's no problem with the database because, I tried it without the database, I just did like this:
txtName.text = "John Doe"
and the effect is the same. I observed, every time I used the "component_on_modalsheet.property", it freezes for a while. In fact when it reaches that code, the ff appears:

at anywheresoftware.b4j.object.WebSocket$SimpleFuture.getValue(WebSocket.java:63)
at com.ab.abmaterial.ABMButton.getVisibility(Unknown Source)
at com.ab.abmaterial.ABMButton.RefreshInternal(Unknown Source)