B4J Question [abmaterial] Incompatibility between modalsheet and B4JS

Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by Hanz, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Hanz

    Hanz Member


    Is there anyone there encountered incompatibility between abm modalsheet and b4js? When you call the component.B4JSUniqueKey = "value", the modalsheet's component will not easily load the component's content when you call the componentname.text = "value" later. If it loads, it will take about a minute per component before the value appears on the component and the application will no longer run accordingly.

    If you have encountered this and found out how to go over it, I wonder if you may share it.

    Thanks and regards!
  2. Harris

    Harris Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Dear @Hanz ,

    Ever wonder why so many of your posts don't get feedback / responses in a timely manor?

    It is not that the body doesn't contain detail about your concern (ample supply of that - that leaves us wondering wtf you are talking about).
    It is however, that you do not supply a concise code example (from your project).

    Without this example, very few of us will take the time to respond with ("provide a code example") - since this is normal practice to do so - if you desire to receive help with your matter. Most of us can read code - few of us can read minds...

    Anytime a new post with [ABMaterial] shows up - many of us investigate...
    Without a code example, we simply move on to the next request for help (a complete waste of (our precious) time trying to decipher ambiguos text).

    Help us help you.

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  3. Hanz

    Hanz Member

    You are perfectly correct and that's exactly the reason why the question is concise as much as possible because you know that most can read code and few can read minds... It begins w/ a question, if somebody found same issue and does not understand the question or need certain add'l information, in response, he will ask specifics, and everything follows until somebody found the solution.

    If I uploaded a lot or the entire codes immediately, when it's not needed by anybody, he will just live it because its a waste of time for him to read it when only one line of code is all he needs. Ever wonder why posts w/ long codes do not get feedback/response in a timely manner?

    What specific info you need? Just supply the correct confirmation/question about the question and you will be provided with a specific code example. Thanks.
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  4. Harris

    Harris Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Sorry for being so arrogant in my response.
    Your use of the framework is beyond my (and many of us) normal experience.
    If the master helps you out (@alwaysbusy) - great. If not, I am sure your knowledge/experience will lead you to discover a solution.

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