1. amorosik

    Italian [B4X] MQTT - Che vantaggi ad acquistare servizio tipo CloudMqtt rispetto al classico Mosquitto e company?

    Sto sperimentando un po' con le comunicazioni via Mqtt Come server (o come broker) sto usando Mosquitto installato su uno dei pc della lan, con relativo instradamento sul router per farlo trovare anche da dispositivi esterni alla lan Vedo che esistono molti servizi che offrono il server Mqtt sia...
  2. amorosik

    Italian [B4X] Protocollo MQTT - quando si parla di 'broker' si intende il server Mqtt ?

    Sto cercando di realizzare la comunicazione via Mqtt tra diversi pc e diversi smartphone, la classica chat In tutti i post si parla di 'broker' Non ho ancora capito esattamente se per 'broker Mqtt' si intenda indicare il 'server Mqtt' Analogamente ad un server di database, il programma cui i...
  3. amorosik

    Italian [B4X] Mqtt vs Firebase Realtime vs notifiche push (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

    Per comunicare rapidamente da pc centrale a uno o piu' smartphone Android ho usato finora Firebase Realtime oppure le notifiche push Firebase Cloud Messaging Vedo che usando il sistema di messaggistica su server Mqtt sono realizzabili grossomodo le stesse funzionalita' Ci sarebbe pero' il...
  4. AKJammer

    B4J Question MQTT for SMS return Messages?

    Hey All, Before I get too far down this rabbit hole I figured I'd ask the community. I have a B4J project and have been able, with great help from everyone, to get outgoing SMS texting set up and working. I wasn't planning on having two way communication, but since I've got extra time...
  5. james_sgp

    Android Question MQTT between Android and ESP

    Hi, I`m trying to get the MQTT setup between an ESP board and B4A. I have tested the MQTT with Autodiscovery between two phones and works perfectly, however, I can`t get it to work with the ESP. The code on the ESP is waiting for topic and I don`t see how that is used in the B4A MQTT example?
  6. paris7162

    B4A Library MQTT Multiplayer Library

    This is a MQTT Multiplayer Library created by one of the best B4A library creators and member in the B4X Community. I use his libraries in all of my games. I didn’t write any of this code and I told him I would keep his identity private unless he wanted to reveal who he is. I use it to play a...
  7. N

    Android Question Receive data from MQTT broker into MQTT Android Client

    Hey guys, I am new to B4x. I have been watching videos recently and doing beginner programs but my main objective is to use B4a to create an app that receives data from MQTT broker The data later needs to recorded over time and represented on a graph. I'm looking for a template...
  8. J

    Android Question MQTT Cellphone Network cost

    Hi All, I've implemented a simple MQTT messaging system. with a B4J producer app and an Android consumer app to notify the user of an event. Just for the record. It is exceptionally simple to get it going. Thnx to all who contributed to the libraries. Does anyone know how the mobile operators...
  9. W

    Android Tutorial Hugo - ESP8266 4-button WiFi remote

    Not exactly a tutorial or Android-only, but a hint to the community for those who like playing with home automation stuff, and possibly for others as well. I happened across this very nice device (IMHO): and couldn't...
  10. janderkan

    B4J Question ABMaterial - Global variables

    Hi all When I log in, my database module returns a map with user data. I think of ABMaterial as a B4J app and put these data into a Process_Globals variable. My friend think it is neccessary to put the user data in a session cookie. Who is right ? Also I would like to initialize a Mqtt...
  11. james_sgp

    Android Question MQTT lost connection, with good Wifi Signal

    Looking for advice, I`ve been trying an app using MQTT over wifi. I have a strong wifi signal all the way out at 600+m (clear line of sight), but I`m losing connection to the MQTT Broker at about 150m? I`m sending about 10KB on data at a time, and the Broker is responding back with about 2KB of...
  12. james_sgp

    UDP over MQTT Loosing Packets?

    Looking for advice, I`ve been trying an app using MQTT over wifi. I have a strong wifi signal at 600+m, but I`m losing connection to the MQTT Broker at about 150m? I`m sending about 10KB on data at a time, and the Broker is responding back with about 2KB of data. I`m unable to reconnect...
  13. M

    Wish MQTT Enhancement - Include BeginPublish,EndPublish,Write methods

    The B4R rMQTT library is based on the well known Arduino PubSubClient library written by Nick O'Leary. It's a subset of this library - with the most important/used methods wrapped. I do have a scenario that requires some of the additional methods to be wrapped as well. Specifically: boolean...
  14. A

    Android Question [Resolved] JMQTT /Static receiver

    Hi All, I have a question that I am unable to implement in an example so seeking assistance. The problem: I have an mqtt app that is working perfectly fine; and working good in the background until it is killed, so for sure no other messages are being received or sent since the Starter service...
  15. A

    Android Question MQTT library for B4A

    Hello, I am now trying the chat MQTT example by Erel, but it shows (on B4A) that a library of MQTT and MQTT broker is missing. I didn't find any MQTT library for B4A... Does anybody know how to download the MQTT library for B4A? Thanks in advance
  16. M

    MQTT B4A Developer project

    We have the need for a developer to write a library to communicate with some MQTT based home automation equipment. Would need to be able to start immediately and have proven experience in writing library’s and communicating with MQTT based equipment. There is a number of devices we would like to...
  17. pompierecattivo

    B4J Question jMQTT error, paho version.

    Hello, sorry for my bad english and also for my basic knowledge about code writing. I've got a crash on my app using jMQTT library. I've read by erel that the library haven't update since today because it's stable. In my case the error (quite difficult for me to intercept it) on debug window...
  18. A

    Android Question MQTT with CA file

    HI, I'm developing a MQTT client and I would like to know how to connect with a broker using a certificate file. The connection must use mqtts/tls protocol. Thanks
  19. CanguroCode

    B4J Question How to use 'wait for' in a Mqtt Class

    I have a mqtt class for broker connection, send messages and receive messages. The logic that I use is: 1. Client publish message to topic: "mytopic" 2. In the other side an Script is subscribed to the topic: "mytopic" 3. As soon as the message is received, the script publishes in: "response"...
  20. alimanam3386

    Android Question what is the best protocol for an app with 1m users

    Hi guys, Imagine an application you want to create for/with 1 million users. What protocol do you use for this volume of connections? my options for server side are : WebSocket ( jServer library - b4j ) MQtt ( I run a broker or MqttClient ) Node JS ( my knowledge is weak about it ) What do...