1. MitchBu

    Android Question Printing PDF and HTML content on the same page ?

    I use the print library to print PDF content, as described at the post below. It works just fine. Now, I need to print PDF on one part of the page, and HTML on the same page. Would it be possible to do that with the print library ?
  2. MitchBu

    Android Code Snippet Print PDF library supports higher resolution

    I was trying to use the PDF printing library discussed at but pictures were terrible. The values posted as example are for a resolution of 72dpi, which is quite inadequate. Here is what I do to get 300dpi printing...
  3. soyVB6

    B4J Question Open money box

    1. with this code I can print printString = Chr(10)& Chr(10)& Chr(10) printString = printString & feed printString = printString & Chr(10)& Chr(10)& Chr(10)& Chr(10)& Chr(10) jo.RunMethod("printString",Array(printerGen,printString)) Dim by() As Byte = jo.RunMethodjo("cut",Null)...
  4. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial Printing on A4 and Letter sized paper

    Hello all, As the title say, this is a quick tutorial on how to print on A4 or Letter sized paper using the follow information provided by Steve Laming (better known as @stevel05). CLICK HERE for B4J Print JavaFX 8 I have attached two PDF files showing example printouts for both A4 and letter...
  5. Martin Fernandez

    Android Question Print to Internal Printer

    Hi I have an Android handheld with an internal printer, is a 3nstar Halo 5″ Smart Payment Terminal (PT0505) I have an app working with Bluetooth printer but I don't know how to make it print to the internal printer. I have the SDK but Zero knowledge of Java Can you help me please?? Thanks...