Android Code Snippet Print PDF library supports higher resolution

I was trying to use the PDF printing library discussed at but pictures were terrible.

The values posted as example are for a resolution of 72dpi, which is quite inadequate.

Here is what I do to get 300dpi printing:
pdf.StartPage((611/72) * 300, (765/72) * 300) 'Letter size
'pdf.StartPage((595/72)*300, (842/72) * 300) 'A4 size

I picked 300dpi, since it is today the minimum resolution that regular printers offer.

Of course, all values such as picture size, left and top, as well as text size for labels and EditText, must be modified the same way.
An easier way to compute is to use the 4.166 factor. For instance:
left = left * 4.1666
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