1. DALB

    Android Question customlistView type

    Hello in this code which is in a loop, I wish to test every view. 'lst' is a list containing all the views of the designer For each ... Dim w As CustomListView=lst.Get(i) If w.AsView Is ScrollView(or CustomListView) Then lab=lst.Get(i) doSomething End...
  2. M

    Android Question B4XPlusMinus on ScrollView

    Hello everybody, I try to use custom controlls on the ScrollView. 1) I load the layouts with b4xplusminus controls, 2) I make the array of the controls and with panels with the code: Mood = Array As B4XPlusMinus (B4XPlusMinus1, B4XPlusMinus2, B4XPlusMinus3,B4XPlusMinus4) pan = Array As Panel...
  3. K

    Android Question struggling with scrollview

    Hi all, First post to the community and have searched hi and low for the answer (I promise - but do shame me if I have missed the answer!) I am trying to handle the screen layout when the keyboard is active, so the screen would essentially push of the top of the screen until the keyboard has...
  4. M

    iOS Question ScrollView content goes OUT of Scrollview

    hi everyone, i was using the scrollview but i don't know why if i load a layout in the scrollview, when i scroll it goes out of the scrollview D: scrlInfo.Panel.LoadLayout("info_layout") scrlInfo.SetShadow(Colors.Black, 0, 0, 0.2, False) scrlInfo.Visible = False scrlInfo.ContentHeight =...
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] [XUI] ASTabMenu with xCustomListView Example

    Hello Forum, in this Example i want to show you, how to use the ASTabMenu togehther with the xCustomListView, to handle a lot of Tabs without getting into layout problems. Attached is a B4A Example. Result: How to use? it is easy. Add a xCustomListView to the form Add a new Form with only the...
  6. DALB

    Android Question How to get the text of an editext in a panel in scrollview

    Hello everyone. I have a layout named PNLS In PNLS I have 2 labels and 1 EditText TXTS With a loop, I add some panels PNLS in a scrollview named SCV I invite the user to entrer datas in the editTexts named TXTS Question: How can I get the texts of each editText (to next insert in a SQLite...
  7. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] ScrollView error with TabBarController

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to code an app structued like so: - Splash Screen where i test internet connection - Login Form - Home (With a Scroll view inside) After Login will appear Home page and then the KeyController will switched to TabBarController. Doing like so the ScrollView get blank and...
  8. Gerardo52

    Android Question Scrollview panel height question

    Hi to everyone. I have this code inside firstime of an activity: ScrollView1.Left = 0 ScrollView1.Width = Activity.Width ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView1,0dip,0dip,Activity.Width,160dip) ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView2,0,1*170dip,Activity.Width,160dip)...
  9. M

    Android Question Set the "SmoothScrollTo" speed of ScrollView2D

    Maybe this could be done using reflection or javaobject but I'm not skilled enough to find out how. Any hint ? Thanks a lot.
  10. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 24 ScrollView

    Phew... Lesson 24 is about the scrollview. One can use this to host divs and other stuff that they might need to scroll. In this example we have created a scrollview with both X and Y scrolling active. To demonstrate this we set the width and height of the scrollview to be minimal and just...
  11. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIScrollView2D

    I develop the XUI version of the ScrollView2D library that created @Informatix. I did not base myself on its code but developed everything from scratch. It is still unripe, but it works well and is not very heavy. Clearly for iOS already the native ScrollView is 2D as well as for Desktop. Log...
  12. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIScrollView2D

    I develop the XUI version of the ScrollView2D library that created @Informatix. I did not base myself on its code but developed everything from scratch. It is still unripe, but it works well and is not very heavy. Clearly for iOS already the native ScrollView is 2D as well as for Desktop...
  13. B

    Android Question Question regarding scrollview height ( + project attached )

    Hi, I try to create scrollview(A), then I load layout, and inside that I create : B. another layout C. panel inside that layout D. then, listview Question : 1. how to make the scrollview (A) & panel that hold listview (B) have dynamic height based on listview (D) height content ? 2. In...
  14. Scotter

    Android Question Need scrolling panel

    Hi - I see the "scrollview" view. My issue: It appears you can't set this up in the designer to hold other views. I see after a search that it can be done programmatically. However, I really need the ability to set it up in the designer. Should I give up or is there a custom component available...
  15. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Text from SQLite into Label being truncated

    This is my first question, so please bear with me. I am reading a field from SQLite to populate a Label inside a ScrollView that sits on a tab in a TabStrip. It all seems to be working fine, but it seems that the very long text strings are being truncated. For example, one string in the DB is...
  16. K

    Android Question Scrollview inside Scrollview

    Although B4i works nicely with a ScrollView inside a Scrollview, B4A does not. Is there a way to make it happen for Android? I have a large Scrollview for the bulk of the screen, then inside that large Scrollview I have some labels and two smaller Scrollviews. Each of the smaller Scrollviews...
  17. soyVB6

    Spanish Quitar sombra de scroll

    Hola amigos, ¿ es posible ocultar la sombra del scroll sea vertical u horizontal ? verán tengo unas opciones dentro de un control scroll horizontal... sin la sombra estoy seguro que se vería mejor, como lograr esto con b4a Help :confused:
  18. universengo

    Android Question Auto Scale Scrollview Error

    Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie B4A. Please help me. I Create a lay out with two labels and one Scrollview. Two labels have the same height (40dip). I set one at the top and the last one at the bottom. The scrollview is middle of two labels. I use script general code as below: 'All variants script...
  19. S

    Android Question scrollview does not scroll

    Hi I am trying to create a menu including 6 labels and 6 images which the total height of these 6 labels are more than the screen's height so i'd like to have a scrolling view starting from the 20%y, so i have used "scrollview" but the problem is after adding the views to the scrollview and...
  20. JohnC

    Android Question Tabstrip + Scrollview + Keyboard = Height?

    I am using a Tabstrip and a few of the tab's pages have edittext controls on them. So, I am forced to use a scrollview on each tabstrip page that has a edittext on it to make sure they can be visible when the keyboard is shown. So, then I am forced to use IME to detect when the keyboard...