1. Joey249

    Android Question B4xPages Can't get xCLV to scroll while also using a ScrollView

    Hi, I have a layout set out which uses a ScrollView and then one CustomListView on the main layout, the ScrollView works to scroll the page, however the CustomListView does not scroll*. *The CustomListView actually scrolls when running from LeapDroid emulator, but not on my actual phone or...
  2. N

    Android Question scrollView cant connect to Sql database (internal Sql )

    Hello, I had asked about my problem near week ago and it solved but when I made a new Activity and new layout with scrollview Unfortunatly I faced conecting scrollview and Sql table ,I couldnt figur out how to solve it even I tried so much thus I decided to ask if any body can give me hand in...
  3. E

    Android Question B4XPages and Scrollview

    I didn't find any topic or tutorial on how to use Scrollview with B4XPages on the forum. Could someone please help.
  4. M

    iOS Question Handel B4XSeekBar and ScrollView

    Hi, When I add B4XSeekBar in ScrollView, when change value of B4XSeekBar, Scroll up and down also change (because B4XSeekBar in ScrollView) How to handel it? In b4a, I use this code to handel B4XSeekBar in ScrollView: Private Sub b4xseek_TouchStateChanged (Pressed As Boolean) #if B4A...
  5. behnam_tr

    Android Question [Solved] countdown Timer in Scrollview

    Hi everyone I want to use the countdown timer inside the scrollview, but after several hours of trying, I did not get the result! The times will be different and must be set when creating, for example, one should be 1 hour, one should be 7 hours and... And the important thing is that an...
  6. jroriz

    Android Question [SOLVED] Find word in long text and position scrollview

    Based on post #14 in this thread I created a simple application, just to show a long scrollable text. Now I need to find a word within the text and position the view on that word. Could anyone help? The hole "project" is below and the long text (not that long, just to help...) is attached: Sub...
  7. alirezahassan

    B4J Question how to use scroll view in b4j

    hi all, i want to add some pane to scroll view, but i can't find any Programming command like "addview". for example: Dim sc As ScrollView sc.Initialize("") sc.Panel.AddView(...)
  8. DALB

    Android Question customlistView type

    Hello in this code which is in a loop, I wish to test every view. 'lst' is a list containing all the views of the designer For each ... Dim w As CustomListView=lst.Get(i) If w.AsView Is ScrollView(or CustomListView) Then lab=lst.Get(i) doSomething End...
  9. M

    Android Question B4XPlusMinus on ScrollView

    Hello everybody, I try to use custom controlls on the ScrollView. 1) I load the layouts with b4xplusminus controls, 2) I make the array of the controls and with panels with the code: Mood = Array As B4XPlusMinus (B4XPlusMinus1, B4XPlusMinus2, B4XPlusMinus3,B4XPlusMinus4) pan = Array As Panel...
  10. K

    Android Question struggling with scrollview

    Hi all, First post to the community and have searched hi and low for the answer (I promise - but do shame me if I have missed the answer!) I am trying to handle the screen layout when the keyboard is active, so the screen would essentially push of the top of the screen until the keyboard has...
  11. M

    iOS Question ScrollView content goes OUT of Scrollview

    hi everyone, i was using the scrollview but i don't know why if i load a layout in the scrollview, when i scroll it goes out of the scrollview D: scrlInfo.Panel.LoadLayout("info_layout") scrlInfo.SetShadow(Colors.Black, 0, 0, 0.2, False) scrlInfo.Visible = False scrlInfo.ContentHeight =...
  12. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] [XUI] ASTabMenu with xCustomListView Example

    Hello Forum, in this Example i want to show you, how to use the ASTabMenu togehther with the xCustomListView, to handle a lot of Tabs without getting into layout problems. Attached is a B4A Example. Result: How to use? it is easy. Add a xCustomListView to the form Add a new Form with only the...
  13. DALB

    Android Question How to get the text of an editext in a panel in scrollview

    Hello everyone. I have a layout named PNLS In PNLS I have 2 labels and 1 EditText TXTS With a loop, I add some panels PNLS in a scrollview named SCV I invite the user to entrer datas in the editTexts named TXTS Question: How can I get the texts of each editText (to next insert in a SQLite...
  14. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] ScrollView error with TabBarController

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to code an app structued like so: - Splash Screen where i test internet connection - Login Form - Home (With a Scroll view inside) After Login will appear Home page and then the KeyController will switched to TabBarController. Doing like so the ScrollView get blank and...
  15. Gerardo52

    Android Question Scrollview panel height question

    Hi to everyone. I have this code inside firstime of an activity: ScrollView1.Left = 0 ScrollView1.Width = Activity.Width ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView1,0dip,0dip,Activity.Width,160dip) ScrollView1.Panel.AddView(ImageView2,0,1*170dip,Activity.Width,160dip)...
  16. TelKel81

    Android Question Set the "SmoothScrollTo" speed of ScrollView2D

    Maybe this could be done using reflection or javaobject but I'm not skilled enough to find out how. Any hint ? Thanks a lot.
  17. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 24 ScrollView

    Phew... Lesson 24 is about the scrollview. One can use this to host divs and other stuff that they might need to scroll. In this example we have created a scrollview with both X and Y scrolling active. To demonstrate this we set the width and height of the scrollview to be minimal and just...
  18. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIScrollView2D

    I develop the cross-platform version of the ScrollView2D library. XUIScrollView was developed all from scratch. xScrollView is a wrapping of the native ScrollView but which standardizes the commands so that they can be used cross-platform. Everyone can choose which one is best suited to their...
  19. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIScrollView2D

    I develop the XUI version of the ScrollView2D library that created @Informatix. I did not base myself on its code but developed everything from scratch. It is still unripe, but it works well and is not very heavy. Clearly for iOS already the native ScrollView is 2D as well as for Desktop...
  20. B

    Android Question Question regarding scrollview height ( + project attached )

    Hi, I try to create scrollview(A), then I load layout, and inside that I create : B. another layout C. panel inside that layout D. then, listview Question : 1. how to make the scrollview (A) & panel that hold listview (B) have dynamic height based on listview (D) height content ? 2. In...