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I am a frequent, but not constant, b4a user. The product and the community are excellent.

Most of the time, I'm developing in other languages/platforms and IDEs.

When I jump in to b4a, I find the search and replace behaviors to be non-standard and therefore a bit inconvenient.

Erel, I understand that b4a has a significant legacy of use and therefore changing the keystrokes and behaviors would be disruptive to many current users, but I wonder if you might offer an IDE option that would support more standard search and replace keystrokes.

I use several other windows-based text editors quite a bit (Notepad++ and Sublime Text 3, for example), and they support what I'd consider a more standard set of controls.

Here's what they are:

CTRL-F - search in the current file
F3 - search for next occurrance
CTRL-H - search and replace in the current file
CTRL-SHIFT-F - search across project files creating list of results (also supports replace)
ESCAPE - clears any of these (very helpful!)

If the b4x IDE could be made to support these keystrokes, transitioning between environments would be smoother.

Thanks for your consideration!

- Don


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Thanks for your replies, guys. The functions work well, and work as you describe. However, they are not keystroke-consistent with the standard behavior of many other text editors and IDEs. That is my only point. Consistency is a good thing and assists us who develop in multiple environments.


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I have the same problem when switching from other IDEs to b4x.
Maybe an idea is that the user can redefine the search keys ?