1. K

    Android Question MySql to Sqlite

    Hii Expert I want to make app that download data from mysql and insert it into android db file. Plz give me example or sample code. I am new in B4A
  2. N

    Please wrap Objective-C lightweight SpatiaLite library for B4i.

    Need help with the wrap for Objective-C lightweight spatial SQLite/SpatiaLite library for B4i Sample Project : Github project. https://github.com/andreacremaschi/SpatialDBKit. Or equivalent of B4A Spatialite library B4A. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/spatialite.36296/ Please...
  3. N

    Wish Please wrap Objective-C lightweight SpatiaLite library for B4i.

    Please wrap this Objective-C lightweight spatial SQLite/SpatiaLite library for B4i. Github project. https://github.com/andreacremaschi/SpatialDBKit
  4. N

    Wish Spatialite library for B4i

    Please any equivalent Spatialite libray for B4i. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/spatialite.36296/ Thanks

    Android Question SQL RECURSIVE family tree query

    Hello guys, I know this may not be the correct place to put this question but, since many of you have more SQL knowledge than me, I'll give it a try... I have this test FamilyDb SQLite database (attached), I adapted the following query from an example I saw and it works fine to list DECENDANTS...
  6. Phayao

    Android Question greek characters from sqlite not shown in webview

    Hello, I like to display greek words from an sqlite DB in a webview, using <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> in the head. But that seems to change nothing. Most characters are shown, but some are just left out, especially those with a tilde and accent as \...
  7. KMatle

    Android Tutorial [B4X] Create and use SQlite databases with "DB Browser"

    I often use Sqlite for my apps and I came across "DB Browser". It's a free tool to browse and edit SQlite databases and tables. Download it from here: http://sqlitebrowser.org/ For B4J apps I recommend you to use the latest sqlite-jdbc-3.21.0.jar file. Get it from here...
  8. R

    Android Question Determine SQLite query type

    Is it possible in B4A to determine the query type, that is data producing or non-data producing, without parsing the SQL? I can this in VB6 no problem as I have access to the lower level SQLite functions, eg PrepareStatementxxx, but I can't see a simple way to do this in B4A. RBS
  9. Germán Arduino

    B4J Question CRUD for B4J & SQLite

    Hi: I'm thinking in develop a simple product, that will need some data and the possibility of make reports and charts with such data. I think in SQLite for a simple way that permit package the app and database in a single installer and then the user can install it easily with not much hassle...
  10. Mac Pepe

    B4J Question jdbc_driver Folder

    Hi! I'm trying to use SQLite as local / remote DB. I have successfully downloaded sqlite-jdbc-3.21.0.jar from the proper server: https://bitbucket.org/xerial/sqlite-jdbc/downloads/ Now arises the question: Where should I put the .jar file in order to get use of it? I haven't found the...
  11. fredo

    Android Code Snippet Create SQLite field with default "date now" in milliseconds

    DDL code: [entrCreate] INT NOT NULL DEFAULT (strftime('%s','now') *1000) Make sure that the expression (strftime('%s','now') *1000) is enclosed in brackets.
  12. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] jRDC & sqlite image blob retrieval and display in imageview

    SOLVED: B4A project using jRDC on local and remote servers just fine however I can't nut out how to successfully convert a retrieved blob from sqLite db and display image in an imageview. the update/insert side is this: Dim req as dbRequestManager Dim sSQL() As String Dim Buffer() As Byte...
  13. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: BindingNavigator (Sqlite GUI Navigator)

    This is a first version of the BindingNavigator Library, which wants to somehow reproduce the corresponding BindingNavigator of VB.NET What is needed? I want to get something similar to the tools available on VB.NET to link the views to the DB. As in the pictures. I am now working on a B4J App...
  14. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: SqliteExtra

    This new library is used to add some functions to the already precious SQLite library. Insertion, updating and reading of images in fields of type BLOB. Functions to add a table, a field. Update a field. Delete a row or table. List of tables, fields and typos of the fields contained in the...
  15. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD: SqliteExtra

    This new library is used to add some functions to the already precious SQL library. Insertion, updating and reading of images in fields of type BLOB. Functions to add a table, a field. Update a field. Delete a row or table. List of tables, fields and typos of the fields contained in the...
  16. soyVB6

    Spanish SQLCipher Compatibilidad

    Amigos quiero implementar este SQLCipher en mi app, pero me surge una duda que android es compatible con SQLCipher, estuve haciendo pruebas en mi J7 android 6.0.1 y funciona perfectamente, pero que hay de android inferior o superior, Alguien con alguna experiencia ?
  17. VictorTandil

    Android Question SQLite SELECT ... LIKE ... UPPER() {SOLVED}

    Hi. I have a database in SQLite format and I need to do a partial search with a certain text. I would like to know what is the correct way to do it, since I have tried LIKE '%text%' but apparently does not yield results. Also, I used the UPPER (text) function to simplify the search. Dim DLG as...
  18. raphipps2002

    Android Question Mysql android connection

    I can write in vb.net and b4a and have a vb.net app which creates a Mysql hosted online. I want to be able to read that Mysql and get records from vb but NOT from b4a. I want to read the mysql from my ANDROID app I have asked an indian developers to write a class so i can attach to my Android...
  19. luc-dev

    iOS Question SQLite : How to set WAL mode and avoid database lock

    Hi, I'm trying to use SQLite WAL mode to avoid locks while running several nested SQL statements like "Insert into MyDb from (select from MyattachedDb where...)". These queries need to be managed by a global transaction because several related tables are updated at the same time. I didn't...
  20. Domingo Garcia

    Android Question SQLite Open, Insert Update Delete test for successful completion

    Hello, How do I test to verify that an Open of an SQLite DB was successful, same for the Insert/Update/Delete commands, the only one that has a result code seems to be Select. Thanks