1. mcqueccu

    Android Question DBUtils DBversion doesnt return user version set in Sqlite

    How to I set and Get correct DBVersion in SQL Browser and my application. From the sample code below, I get result as 1 meanwhile, in building the database, I set user version as 15. Screenshot below What am i doing wrong. Also included example project If...
  2. J

    Android Question DBUtils NullPointerException when not using breaks

    Hi everyone! Ok, I keep getting this problem. I have a SQLite (edited) database in my project, and I use DBUtils (latest version) to communicate with it. If I run the code normally (pressing f5, even in Release mode), I get an error. But if I run it using breaks every couple of lines, or even...
  3. R

    B4J Tutorial [SQLite] Make Custom Functions and Regex

    SQLite3 has the REGEXP keyword. That means we can do SQLite queries like SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE col1 REGEXP '\d+[a-z]+\d*'; . Unfortunately, the REGEXP keyword references an SQLite user defined function that is not defined by default. That means if we want to use REGEXP in our SQLite...