1. jaber103

    Android Question upload img to server

    hi to all i want upload selected img to server but i cant. selected cod is : now upload selected img up to server. erel tank you . I do not want cod backend
  2. MList

    iOS Question build not in itunes connect

    Hi, i am trying to publish an update of my app. #Version: 1.0.04 was uploaded sucessfully. Compilation had no errors. In apple connect apps i can't see the build. I uploaded it 6 days ago, Today i uploaded Version 1.0.05 to try again. 1) I was still working with B4i V.810, could that be a...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Storage Files

    https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-supabase-the-open-source-firebase-alternative.149855/ This is a very simple tutorial on how to use the storage file options. Upload File Uploads a file to an existing bucket. Dim UploadFile As Supabase_StorageFile =...
  4. red30

    iOS Question Send file to Telegram

    On the forum, I found an example of sending a file to telegram via B4J. It is also suitable via B4A. But I can't use this example to send a file via B4I because the library iRandomAccessFile doesn't support CountingInputStream. In general, this example is necessary for uploading files with...
  5. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] send album image

    Hello everyone, how can i be uploading an iphone album file to upload via j.PostMultipart? Sub InitCamera cam.Initialize("cam", B4XPages.GetNativeParent(Me)) End Sub Sub btnChoosePicture_Click InitCamera cam.SelectFromSavedPhotos(Sender, cam.TYPE_IMAGE) End Sub I use this...
  6. F

    Bug? jServer - Small file uploads are not written to disk unless they are queried

    Hello to everyone! I have found a strange thing happening that I'd like to share and get feedback about from the comunity. I have been recently working on a jServer application (with a fair amout of Websocket use) that will be receiving files to be processed. These files will range between 1kb...
  7. red30

    Wish Upload and download files in the background

    I think this is an important feature and I would like b4i to support it. Since there are no services in ios like in android, it turns out that the application cannot work in the background at all, although ios itself supports the function of background uploading or downloading files. And now...
  8. red30

    iOS Question The upload of files in the background

    I've asked a similar question before but never found an answer. I need to upload a lot of files to the server and ios really lacks background uploads for this ... I have to wait and not minimize or lock the phone until all the files are uploaded. This is very inconvenient ... In android, this...
  9. Star-Dust

    Italian Compilazione B4i con Host Mac Builder Server

    Vedi anche creazione Certificati L'anno scorso avevo preparato un Tutorial per la compilazione a beneficio di un amico che per la prima volta compilava per B4i. Forse non è ancora attuale ma potrebbe aiutare chi è alle prime armi quindi lo ripropongo qui: 1) Impostare percorsi del KEYSTORE...
  10. red30

    iOS Question Uploading files to the server in ios.

    Since there are no services in ios, I cannot upload files in the background. I am trying to find a solution to this problem. In this post, Erel gave an example of how you can extend the upload of files by 30 seconds, but I don't understand how it works and how I can use it ... Can you explain...
  11. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Upload/Download files Google Drive or other cloud

    Hi everyone, Is it possibile with B4X (iOS and Android), to upload and download files with google drive? Is not mandatory google drive, also another cloud. Thanks in advance.
  12. Erick Kalugdan

    Android Question Select file (like PDF) then upload via WebView or OkHttpUtils2

    I have a web app (written in PHP) which is accessed by a WebView in my B4A app. I need the user to select a file (like PDF) from his phone and upload it to my web app via form POST as multipart/form-data. Note that the file is outside my app's assets / internal directories. I can't seem to...
  13. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate

    I have a new PC, have used my original keystore file and when I tried to upload a new app version I get the following error You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint:SHA1...
  14. M

    Android Question FTP UploadProgress does not fire for every file

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to use FTP to upload multiple files to the server. I do it one by one, i want to show a progress bar, so i did like so: 'This function uploads the files (stored in the list) to the server base' Public Sub CaricaFoto Log(filenamelist) currentTotalFiles =...
  15. S

    Android Code Snippet Upload a file to your server with HttpJob and php(included)

    4-25-2020 Pick a SINGLE File from Dialog box, Then upload it To a server on LAN Or Internet I wrote this B4A To be very small, simple, & easy to understand on a beginners level In Files Is the PHP script To handle single File upload And save As original filename php creates And appends a...
  16. Gustsp

    Spanish FTP UPLOAD no funciona si tiene activado el ahorro de energia

    Buen Día Tengo una app que recibe y envía datos por ftp. Funciona muy bien, pero en ciertos dispositivos, con Android 6+ o superior, que al tener activado el ahorro de energía, cuando envía (upload) los datos por FTP, empieza a enviar y se traba, no enviando los datos completos (que suelen...
  17. F

    Android Question Google Cloud Storage upload

    Hello all, What I'd like to accomplish is to simply upload a file (zip) to a bucket that I've already created on Google Cloud Storage. REST API URI is given as: https://www.googleapis.com/upload/storage/v1/b/[BUCKET_NAME]/o?uploadType=media&name=[OBJECT_NAME] I do understand that I need...
  18. D

    Android Question take pictures with camera and upload to localhost

    does anyone have example how to take pictures with camera and upload to localhost?
  19. R

    Android Question Upload in webView (WORK)!

    Hi all, I found a way (in a somewhat accidental) to run the file upload in a WebView. I have used WebViewExtras and WebViewExtras2, but in the .b4a project file I have declared FIRST WebViewExtras2 and THEN WebViewExtras . When, the code are whis: Sub Globals 'These global variables will...
  20. N

    iOS Question Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName' Using Hosted Builder

    Please am using Hosted Builder and B4i version 4.30. Recently when I upload app using the the Itune Connect I receive this email Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName' is missing in the bundle 'xxx.xxxxx.xxxxx'. Apps built with iOS 11 or later SDK must...