1. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD EscPos Printer (Lan,USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE)

    This library allows you to print with thermal printers compatible with the ESC POS language in 4 different communication channels (USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE, LAN) you can download the ble3 library from here The DEMO version prints one minute every 2. The full version of the library will be issued...
  2. byz

    Android Question hi how i copy the usbdisk's file to DirDefaultExternal 请问如何复制U盘文件到内部储存

    i'm chinese ,my english just so so. 😅 its a big screen player, i want to like this: when the USBdisk insert,auto cpoy some files to DirDefaultExternal/prog. i found in bbs and the USB lib document,but none way,i just get the usbdevice'name(test in my phone). i saw the post...
  3. Luciano Veneziano

    Italian Il dispositivo no va in debug

    Ho scaricato l'ultima versione di B4A. Ho connesso, come la solito il telefono per una sessione di debug ma pur riconosciuto dal windows 10, il compilatore no riesce a scaricare il programma. ho installato anche b4a bridge e l'opzione sviluppatore è attiva sul telefono. Grazie di aver letto.
  4. I

    Android Question USB Serial permission

    Hi There I am testing USB serial using the sample code If manager.GetDevices.Length = 0 Then Log("No connected usb devices.") Else Dim device As UsbDevice = manager.GetDevices(0) 'assuming that there is exactly one device If manager.HasPermission(device) = False Then...
  5. P

    Android Question How to write on a USB-Stick

    Hallo, i want to export a file on a USB-Stick. I made a litte example where I can choose in the filebrowser the USB-Stick, but i find not the right way to write the file. Please can somebody tell me, where I made the mistake? Thank you.
  6. P

    German Datei auf USB-Datenträger schreiben

    Hallo, ich würde gerne eine Datei auf einen USB-Stick exportieren. Ich schaffe es zwar die vorhandenen Datenträger zur Auswahl anzuzeigen, das Schreiben klappt aber nicht. Ich habe ein Testprogramm erstellt, in dem eine kleine txt-Datei erzeugt wird und dann versucht diese zu kopieren - klappt...
  7. yaniv hanya

    Android Question does usbSerial lib should work with UART too?

    Hello, i"m using UsbSerial lib (ver 2.3) to create app that connect android to microcontroler via USB hub. now the company want to connect the microcontroler via UART. and to remove the USB hub from the tablet. should the UsbSerial connect also via UART serial? or should i use different lib? it...
  8. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial 💡 CID (Caller ID) - View incoming call details using your COM port modem

    Hello All, After looking on the forum and finding basically nothing regarding using B4J for CID (Caller ID) via home or basic business phone lines, I took out my V.92 USB modem and created this simple tutorial for B4J developers to learn from. NMBR=07931XXXXXX actually displayed my full mobile...
  9. SJQ

    Android Question Rp.GetAllSafeDirsExternal returns Permission Denied

    Got a problem with Android 9 x86 We use two insertable storage devices, A Removable SD card is inserted that contains an extensive media library and when required staff must insert another USB and a process in the app writes specific statistics to this USB mass storage device. previously...
  10. A

    Android Question USB serial and multiple devices [almost solved]

    Hi there, Im using UsbSerial lib 2.3 to connect to an arduino, it works perfect BUT only if the arduino is the ONLY device connected to the USB to my Android TV BOX If I have an USB mouse connected, the program doesn't find the arduino. I can connect the arduino, run the soft, connect, and...
  11. yaniv hanya

    Android Question using usb with microchip controler

    Hello, I"m in the middle of project using android tablet to control a microchip, that in his turn control a machine. just sending serial command like- "openWaterPump", "closeWaterPump" ans so on. I did all my checking using ardoino, and it worked great. now we move to production level and we...
  12. L

    Android Question Copy file to USB stick error

    I have to copy a file in the Internal Directory to a USB stick. To select the destination path I use "ExternalSotorage" library. When I have selected the destination directory then I use ABzipunzip to zip the file, using the internal memory for source and the USB stick for destination, but it...
  13. Eodlys

    French Arduino vers B4A en USB

    Bonjour, je suis nouvelle et je débute sur le logiciel B4A. Pour un projet, nous devons recevoir des donnés envoyés de la carte Arduino au port micro-usb du téléphone Android. Nous devons ensuite afficher ces donnés dans un tableau. Le problème étant que je ne trouve aucun tutoriel que ce soit...
  14. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Connecting a USB cable directly to my pc to install apps

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible not to use the B4A bridge and compile and install an app directly to my phone using a USB cable? If yes, what's needed to do it? Thanks.
  15. max123

    Android Question Strange problem with FelUsbSerial library and 3D Printer controller running Marlin @ 250000 bps

    Hi all, I would like to write a B4A application capable of connecting to USB controllers for 3D Printers, in this regard I did some tests with the FelUsbSerial library, but I have a problem that I can not solve in any way. My 3D Printer controller is equipped with a FTDI serial converter and...
  16. S

    Share My Creation B4J Simple Dongle Check via USB

    Hello dear B4J community, Enclosed I send an example with which I simply used a USB stick as a dongle .... Of course, it is not mature and should serve here only as an excitation. Thank you P.S. Sorry i'am a old German. The Text below are translate by Google-Translator :-))