Android Question does usbSerial lib should work with UART too?

yaniv hanya

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i"m using UsbSerial lib (ver 2.3) to create app that connect android to microcontroler via USB hub. now the company want to connect the microcontroler via UART. and to remove the USB hub from the tablet.
should the UsbSerial connect also via UART serial? or should i use different lib? it look to me that i shouldm since the usb connection needs permissions, and uart connect dosen't reconise the microcontroler at all, or asking for permissions...


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I like to add that if you don't use a hub then use an OTG (On The Go) cable. The OTG cable tells Android device to switch to USB host mode and source 5V to external devices like USB to serial converter. Without OTG cable the android device behaves like a mass storage device.