1. Samara

    Android Question [B4X] [XUI] xChart Color

    I use this type chart... and I want change color just one column in this chart! How i can do it?
  2. peacemaker

    B4J Question xChart: two measure cursors, zoom and point selection

    HI, All Maybe is it possible for xChart: 1) 2 vertical lines-cursors to measure X between them 2) Zooming a selected area of a chart (by a mouse wheel or pitch) 3) Static point chosen on the chart, always visible ?
  3. F

    B4J Question CustomiListView out of memory

    If B4XTable or xChart are added separately in the CustomiListView, there will be no error. If both B4XTable and xChart are added at the same time, there will be a memory overflow phenomenon.I cann't release objects. Perhaps my code was not written correctly,could anybody give me some advice to...
  4. MList

    B4J Question XChart LineChart

    Hi All, I am using xchart, and i am creating a chart with one line and one graph. Now i want to mark the max Point of the graph with a circle or an x or something like that. It shoule not be a Max Line, only a point on the line. How can i do that ? AddLinePointData doesnt work... For i = 0 To...
  5. G

    Android Question xChart: Difference between yx_chart, line and h_line chart?

    Call me stupid, but I do not find any description that helps me to decide which chart I should use. Thank you :)
  6. Mark Read

    B4J Question [Solved] ParseJSON not called from jobdone.

    I have been looking at this for hours and cannot see my mistake. There are two http jobs: weather and heating. After each job the resulting data is sent to the ParseJSON. The first job is weather and runs okay but not the parse sub. The second job heating runs correctly but then runs again with...
  7. JdV

    Wish xChart - only plot as many bars that can be displayed

    Hello The value of GetMaxNumberBars can be determined once all the data has been added to the chart but before the chart has been displayed. In order to only show the maximum number of bars permitted by the screen's size without also showing a scroll bar, I have to proceed like this: Add data...
  8. Mark Read

    B4J Tutorial Read and graph Thingspeak data

    In this thread, I explained how to build a weather station with a Wemos mini and an UDP Receiver to show the data. This is great for the present value but to be able to see a trend we need something else. Yes there are apps already for IOS and Android in the stores but what fun is that! This...
  9. Y

    Share My Creation It's my first app,named my state.

    When we come to the world. we need to answer three question: who i am? where i came from? where i will go ? It's philosophical question. But I think what the most important thing is what i feel at this moment. This's the fourth question!When you want to answer this question,you have got the...
  10. behnam_tr

    B4J Question [xchart] info panel position Problem

    hello.... i have problem with info panel Not ok after load form and before horzintal scrolling its ok after horzintal scrolling to the left in this Private Sub InitValues Log(Graph.Top) Waiting for debugger to connect... Program started. 0 ''' before scroll xChart BarValueOrientation...
  11. behnam_tr

    B4J Question [xChart] Font and textDirection problem

    hi i have three problem with xchart 1 - how set or change defualt dont for title and subtitle and X,Yaxis name?? 2 - According to the picture, Persian letters are scattered in the upper left corner,How fix ?? 3 - After Refresh data and load again,scroll bar goes the right and when i click...
  12. JdV

    Bug? xChart - No values shown on Y axis

    Hello If a line chart (or bar chart) has data points that are all zero, no values are shown on the Y axis. See example app attached. Regards Joe
  13. peacemaker

    Android Question xChart on xCustomListView trouble

    HI, All If to use xChart on a Layout that should be loaded into items of xCustomListView - i have the error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0 at Sub CreateListItem(Text As Map, Width As Int, Height As Int) As Panel Dim p As Panel p.Initialize("")...
  14. R

    Android Question xChart scientific number notation

    Noticed that if I have for example a value of 0.01 this will show in scientific notation when clicking the graph. This seems a bit too early to me as users may get confused with the scientific notation and showing 0.01 is quite OK. To avoid this problem I added another xChart property...