1. M

    Android Question Disable User interaction on a CustomListView

    Hi everyone, how can i disable the "click" on the various items in my customlistview? in B4i it's done like so: Dim p As Panel = clv.AsView p.UserInteractionEnabled = False But in B4A i didn't find anything like this. Even if I remove the check from "Enabled" in the designer, the items are...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - xCLV .Add parameter

    Greetings, I have a stupid question and hope you don't mind. I just want to get my head around this particular parameter. I noticed I can put any value in the value parameter of the add statement of an xCLV. My stupid question is what is this parameter actually for and how can it be used in...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Changing the text property of a label view in an xCLV at a specific index

    Greetings, I built a CLV using this coding: Activity.LoadLayout("SongList") ' This layout also contains a custom list view. CSelections.Initialize(clvSongList) CSelections.Mode = CSelections.MODE_SINGLE_ITEM_PERMANENT ' Make panel slide down out of site...
  4. R

    Android Question xCLV Horizontal Scrolling - Parking Position

    When using xCLV as a screen-width container for images, views or other interface elements a left/right user input gesture causes the view to scroll and gradually slow to a stop. The point at which it stops is unpredictable and normally leaves adjoining cells in view. Is it possible for a...
  5. M

    [B4X] Double (Multi) Column CLV

    Hi everyone, recently i needed to implement an double column list in one of my app. I was ispired by an @Erel example, but i needed something slightly different, so i did this (i want to share with you, maybe could be useful to someone even if is a simple thing): (it support odd number of...
  6. M

    Android Question Double Column CustomListView

    hi everyone it's possibile to have a double column customlistview to achieve this kind of result? I've to do this also in B4i Thanks!
  7. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question ClvNested

    I have a code in B4A that i'm converting to B4I, so in B4A i'm using CLVNested, but in B4I it's not necessary. I removed the CLVNested, but when e compile the app i get an error SignalHandler 11. Dim p As B4XView = XUI.CreatePanel("") p.SetLayoutAnimated(0, 0, 0, 100%x, 100%y)...
  8. LucaMs

    Android Question xCustomListView item panels

    When I create a "b4xview panel" with rounded corners, it is ok if added directly to an Activity; if I pass (add) it to a xCustomListView, the corners are wrong: