Hi Everyone,
I'm sharing a modified xCLV to display navigation button to scroll up or down to bottom.

It is based on v1.72 shared by @Erel here -> Original Lib Thread

Please note that it is not recommended by Erel to use .bas for xCLV,
since other libs depend on it, so I'm sharing a jar version. Will share source code if anyone needs.
Use this at your own risk :)
I've tested it for B4A only - please leave a feedback if you use it for B4J / B4i

Unpack libs to your additional folder >> run jetifier >> add in your project and use

Same as xCLV
Buttons will vanish in few seconds and show up after scrollchanged event automatically
Buttons will also show only the direction in which it is possible to move
It uses 'pressed color' for its color (accessible from designer)

It can be disabled/enabled by following code or from designer
Enable or Disable Navigation Buttons:
xCLV1.showNavButtons(Visible as boolean)

cheers !!


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