B4J Question 425 Unable to build data connection


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10/30/2014 13:55:33: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error uploading file.
425 Unable to build data connection: Connection timed out

I get this message, when i try to upload a file to the ftp-server with my desktop-tool. It has always runs without problems, but now, there is this problem. It is possible, that the ftp was updatet, but I don't know, why i get this error...

Thanks for help..


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You could write [solved] in the title of the thread.

Yesterday I did some tests and in some cases I obtained the same error (in other cases different errors :mad:).

I found that passivemode on the web as "solution" but I will have to study it, I guess it's important and I wonder why it is not set by default.

[P.S. Ops... "I wonder why it is not set by default" in XAMPP-FILEZILLA!]
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