Beta 5.00 Outlining


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I have, using v. 4.30, sometimes problems with "outlining".

I use often:

ALT+E - O - C to collapse

ALT+E - O - E to expand

Sometimes they do not work. In these cases I have to position the cursor on the left of some routine name or Region and press Enter, then the routine/region can collapsed/expanded.

Now, with 5.00, I tried using ALT+E... and also CTRL+SHIFT+O, but this time there is no way to collapse/expand some "corrupted" routines/regions.

[I'm testing old projects, not new 5.00 projects]


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Ctrl + O toggles the outlining state.

More exactly (If my english helps me :D):

Ctrl+O toggles the outline of a single routine
Ctrl-Shift +O the entire module

Alt+E O C still work

The question is that I have some module in which some routines will expanded/collapsed and other not. I think the code text file is corrupted, but surely I don't know how/why.

Anyway, it is not a big problem.
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