B4J Question ABMaterial framework problem with images


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I am using the ab material framework template
it is running fine. but there is following seciton in the code
' add an image to say what we really mean....
    ' note where the image is derived from.  Go find it in the folder and replace it with your own image (if you wish)...   
    Dim img As ABMImage
    img.Initialize(page , "img1" ,"../images/alot.jpg", 1.0)
    img.IsMaterialBoxed = True
    ' uncomment these to see the effects on the image...
        'img.SetFixedSize( 120,75)
        'img.IsCircular = True
which is used to insert an image. i have put an image alot.jpg in the images folder, but in the log i see that there is a message that file image/alot.jpg not found. Also i have put one pdf file in the images folder to see it working in the pdf viewer as per following code
page.Cell(10,1).AddComponent(ABMShared.BuildLabel(page, "pdftext1",   "The PDF Viewer Component",  ABM.SIZE_H4, "lbltheme1", 0, "20px"))
    ' Now here is a cool component - the PDF viewer...
    ' note the options of this control - without you having to code a damn thing...   
    ' also note where the pdf file exists... - "../images/1.pdf"
    Dim pdf As ABMPDFViewer
    pdf.Initialize(page, "pdf", 600, "../images/1.pdf","")
    pdf.PreparePrintingText = "Preparing to print..."
    pdf.ReadDirection = ABM.PDF_READDIRECTION_LTR
    pdf.AllowDownload = True
    pdf.AllowOpen = False
    pdf.AllowPrint = True
    pdf.AllowSideBar = True
    pdf.AllowViewBookmark = False
but for that too i am getting error message in the log that file 1.pdf not found.
I have synced the files in the files tab of b4j but it is not working and same error coming