B4J Question [ABMaterial] [Solved]Font-Awesome and extra MDI Icons for Menu

Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

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In my sidebar menu, I want to use other icons than those mentioned in the ABMaterial demo website.

Although the demo suggests using page.UseFontAwesome = true, this is not an option in ABMaterial 4.03.

Similarly, it seems that I can only use the MDI icons listed in the ABMaterial website, which is a small subset of the complete MDI list of icons here: https://cdn.materialdesignicons.com/1.1.34/

Is there a way to use these icons (font-awesome and full list of MDI) in my sidebar, or should I wait for ABMaterial 4.25?



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You should be able to use Awesome icons (the UseFontAwesome param is outdated and should be updated in the demo). ABM can recognize font awesome icons automatically.

For font awesome icons, make sure you use the 'fa ' prefix in the icon name:

page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarItem("MDL5", "Font awesome item", "fa fa-expand", "")
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