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I cannot figure out what is to the right of the Title string when displayed on smaller devices. It sure looks like there is lots of real estate over there?
    Dim str As String = "Pearl Necklace Media"
    ABMShared.BuildNavigationBarEx(page, str,"../images/logo-blank-330x117.png",  "", "", "", True)    '    IP parm = "is phone"


Sub BuildNavigationBarEX(page As ABMPage, Title As String, logo As String, ActiveTopReturnName As String, ActiveSideReturnName As String, ActiveSideSubReturnName As String, ip As Boolean)
        LogColor("BuildNavigationBarEX", clrLog)
    '    mhm this image can be an ABMComponent
    Dim sbtopimg As ABMImage
    sbtopimg.Initialize(page,  "sbtopimg",  logo, 1)
    sbtopimg.SetFixedSize( 330, 117)
    page.NavigationBar.Initialize(page, "nav21",  ABM.SIDEBAR_MANUAL_ALWAYSHIDE, Title, True,  True, 300, 48, sbtopimg, ABM.COLLAPSE_ACCORDION, "nav1theme")

    ' CLEAR any existing items....
    ''''page.PaddingBottom = 100    '    padding at the bottom of what?  page i guess
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveTopReturnName = ActiveTopReturnName
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveSideReturnName = ActiveSideReturnName
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveSideSubReturnName = ActiveSideSubReturnName

    'page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("Help",  "Help", "mdi-action-help",  "../AboutPage",  False)
    'page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("LogOff",  "Log Off", "mdi-action-exit-to-app",  "",  False)
    '    **********************************************************************************************************
    '    i do not see this on page but without this line the menu Hamburger does not appear
'''' SIDEBAR!   page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarItem( "About",   "About / Help", "mdi-communication-live-help",  "../AboutPage")    '    this ? in speech bubble is nowhere to be found
'    page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarItem( "About",   "About / Help", "mdi-communication-live-help", "../AboutPage")
'    page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarDivider '("")
'   page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarItem("Cases", "Manage Issues", "mdi-action-dashboard", "../OverviewCasesPage")
'   page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarDivider '("")
   ' ****************** Here we build the extra content container. ***************************
    ''''Dim pad As Int = 5
    ''''Dim hd As Int = 15
    ''''page.NavigationBar.InitializeExtraContent("extracontent", False, "")
    ' dummy row - may be used later...
    ''''page.NavigationBar.ExtraContent.AddRowsM(1,True,0,0 ,"").AddCellsOSMP(1,0,0,0,12,12,12,0,0,20,20,"")
    ' the actual row to contain our components...
    ''''page.NavigationBar.ExtraContent.AddRowsM2(   1,  Not(ip),  0, 0,pad,pad, "rowtheme2").AddCellsOSMP( 1, 0,0,0,  12,6,3, 0,0,0,0,"cellcntr").AddCellsOSMP(1,0,0,0, 12,6,3,0,0,0,0,"cellcntr").AddCellsOSMP(1,0,0,0, 12,6,3, hd, hd,0,0,"cellcntr").AddCellsOSMP(1,  0,0,0, 12,6,3, hd,  hd,0,0,"cellcntr")
    ' another dummy row...
    ''''page.NavigationBar.ExtraContent.AddRowsM(1,True,0,0,"").AddCellsOSMP(  1,0,0,0, 12,12,12, 0,40,20,20,"")
    ' BUILD IT!
    ' add the half button... up/down arrow thing
    ''''page.NavigationBar.InitializeExtraHalfButton("ExtraButton", "fa fa-arrows-v", ABM.BUTTONSIZE_NORMAL, ABM.HALFBUTTON_RIGHT, "btnamber")
    ' END EXTRA CONTENT ***********************************************************************
End Sub


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Try fiddling with these params.. ( ABM.SIDEBAR_MANUAL_HIDEMEDIUMSMALL ) for example.
The area in question is used for NavigationBar top items... One would "think" with no top item added, then the space would become available for the Title - but seems reserved in the original framework. One can always abbreviate the title when on small devices - as a work around.

@alwaysbusy had addressed this issue previously, as I recall... The result I don't recall however - search for it (endlessly).

    If SmallDevice(page) Then
        page.NavigationBar.Initialize(page, "nav21",  ABM.SIDEBAR_MANUAL_HIDEMEDIUMSMALL, Title,  True,  True, 300,  48, sbtopimg, ABM.COLLAPSE_ACCORDION, "nav1theme")
        page.NavigationBar.Initialize(page, "nav21",   ABM.SIDEBAR_MANUAL_ALWAYSHIDE, Title,  True,  True, 300, 48, sbtopimg, ABM.COLLAPSE_ACCORDION, "nav1theme")
    End If

' ....

    If SmallDevice(page) Then
        If Not(page.IsPhone) Then
            page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("Help",  "", "mdi-action-help",  "../AboutPage",   False)
        End If    
        page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("LogOff",  "", "mdi-action-exit-to-app",  "",  False)
        page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("Help",  "Help", "mdi-action-help",  "../AboutPage",  False)
        page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("LogOff",  "Log Off", "mdi-action-exit-to-app",  "",  False)
    End If
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