B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Using Cloudinary as CDN for your assets (v4.35)

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    Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your WebApp can be very beneficial:

    The Benefits of using a CDN:
    • Different domains. Browsers limit the number of concurrent connections (file downloads) to a single domain. ...
    • Files may be pre-cached. ...
    • High-capacity infrastructures. ... (1200 world-wide)
    • Distributed data centers. ...
    • Built-in version control. ...
    • Usage analytics. ...
    • Boosts performance and saves money.
    ABM can already use a CDN for its own framework using the ABM.ActivateUseCDN("DONATOR_KEY", "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/RealAlwaysbusy/ABMaterial@v4.35/"), but from version 4.35 on, ABM will support Cloudinary as a build-in CDN system for your own WebApps.

    Cloudinary has a great free plan which can cover a great deal of the webapps you make without any additional cost:
    • Total images and videos: 300,000
    • Managed storage: 10 GB
    • Monthly net viewing bandwidth: 20 GB
    In ABM, it is (can be) used for two different things:

    1. Automatic upload/update of the generated CSS/JS files (the ones you find next to each index.html).
    2. Your own assets, like images, videos or outer 'RAW' files (xls, doc, ...)

    Creating a free account on Cloudinary is pretty straight forward. You make a login and give your 'cloud' a name. You will then be able to get your API_KEY and API_SECRET from the management console: https://cloudinary.com/console:


    1. Automatic upload/update when starting the .jar file.

    Activate it in the ABMApplication class:

    ' just some clear consts to explain the parameters
    Dim UPLOAD_GENERATED_JSCSS As Boolean = True
    Dim SHOW_DEBUG As Boolean = True
    Dim DO_NOT_SHOW_DEBUG As Boolean = False
    Dim CLEAR As Boolean = True
    Dim DO_NOT_CLEAR As Boolean = False
    #If RELEASE  
    #end if
    ' this is for 2, your own assets
    ABM.CloudinaryLoadImages(PREFIX, CLEAR)
    ABM.CloudinaryLoadAudioVideos(PREFIX, DO_NOT_CLEAR)
    ABM.CloudinaryLoadRawFiles(PREFIX, DO_NOT_CLEAR)
    What will this code do?
    It will create a folder structure in you Cloudinary cloud:
    Every time you start your jar, both these folders will be emptied (so do not put anything else in it!) and the most recent generated .js/.css files will be uploaded. Note: depending on the size of your app, this can take quite some time. e.g. for the demo app it takes about 3 minutes.

    There is nothing more you have to do, ABM will have changed all the calls in the HTML from your local drive to the CDN.

    2. Your own Assests:

    As you can see in (1), we pre-load all the urls of the images/videos and other files. That way it is pretty simple to use the e.g. if we want to use an image using the ABM.CloudinaryGet() command:

    Dim img4 As ABMImage
    page"img4", ABM.CloudinaryGet("demo/images/sample-1"), 1)
    As parameter it takes the 'publicId' of the asset. In my case my APPNAME was demo, I created a folder images in it in the Cloudinary console and uploaded a file called sample-1.jpg so the public id becomes:


    Note: I've noticed when uploading images via the cloudinary console, the public id cuts of the file extension.

    The result of the ABM.CloudinaryGet command will be something like:

    It is very easy to upload and organize you assets through the Cloudinary console app:


    but sometimes you will want to upload it through B4X code.

    So the following API methods do exist:

    ' using these 3 methods will automatically add them the the internal Cloudinary map
    ' so you can use them with the ABM.CloudinaryGet() method without reloading.
    ' The next time you restart your .jar, they will also be loaded.
    ABM.CloudinaryUploadImage("publicId", fullFilePath)
    "publicId", fullFilePath)
    "publicId", fullFilePath)


    For the last 3 methods, you use a 'prefix' to delete files in bulk:

    e.g. if I want to delete all images from my images folder, I would do:

    Cloudinary has a wide range of API methods (e.g. for image manipulation etc), and maybe I will expand the B4X API to support it too, but for the moment using it as a CDN only, it suffices.

    Note that this is a Donator only feature. ABM 4.35 will be available in a couple of weeks.

    This concludes the tutorial.

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    Sweet... Now I only have to update one resource and have many servers point to it...
    Often, I forget this very important point and wonder why - from one server to the next - something did not show / behave correctly...

    CDN - Also the abbreviation for Canada for some things... - little wonder it is so intelligent and useful. It is a good thing the initialism is not "USA" - for obvious reasons in today's climate...
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