iOS Question Accessing a database residing on a Local Network Pi Server


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Hi All,

I have a requirement to use a Raspberry PI as a Local DB server, but I need to support both Android and iOS clients.

I was looking at this post:, and it seems to be straightforward with B4A, but I am unable to find anything example for B4I.

1. Is there a similar approach for B4I or should we stick to jRDC2 and
2. If the recommendation is to use jRDC2, how reliable is it and how often should we expect the server to go offline? and if it does go offline, does it auto re-establish its availability in most cases, or do we have to reboot the PI all the time?

Basically, I am looking for some feedback on high availability usage.

Thanks in advance



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JRDC2 is very stable and lightweight as it is based on Jetty server. Run it on a stable Linux server OS. For B4i client, it would be similar to B4A. For high availability I think you may need another redundant server (pi) and backup power.

I have a different approach which is to build an API server using B4J server to output JSON response for B4X clients.
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