Wish Add FirebaseRealtime- and FirebaseFirestore- registrar to Manifestsnippet


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in the past we had the problem of adding a Firebaserealtimedatabase registrar.

The solution was to add a new ComponentDiscoveryService

This is a relatively new solution. Based on my tests on several devices it works properly.
@Multiverse app discovered the same issue. It was of no help for him to add another ComponenetDiscoveryService at the end of the manifest.

It still refused to work. When the app runs NOT the last ComponentDiscoveryService is used; due to this the DatabaseRegistrar was missing.

I then edited FirebaseAnalytics Firebase.b4x_excluded and added the Realtimeregistrar to it.
We then replaced the original jar with the changed one.

It now works in his app.

Please add FirebasDatabase and Firestore to the default-snippet too. The full snippet is attachet.


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Please make a test and test this snippet when not using FirebaseDatabase and Firestore libraries.
I did.

I used my edited FirebaseAnalytics jar

I use FirebaseStorageexample to test.

Edited the packagename, edited the manifest, created a firebaseproject for this packagename, downloaded the json.

I ran the app (without any error).

Do you get any errors?
No! :)


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