Android Question Adding a reference to a Library from my own Custom Library using B4A IDE


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Hello Everyone,

I am creating my own custom library (a wrapper to work with JSON) and compiling it using the B4A IDE. My problem is that my library requires a reference to the existing 'JSON' library that comes with B4A. How can I automatically add this library as a dependancy when my library is added to a project?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Create a B4XLIB and add the referenced library

- Optional manifest file with the following fields:
Version, DependsOn (list of required libraries), Supported Platforms. Fields can be shared between the platforms or be platform specific. For example:
B4J.DependsOn=jXUI, jDateUtils
B4A.DependsOn=XUI, DateUtils
B4i.DependsOn=iXUI, iDateUtils
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