Android Question Admob confusion??

Mohamed Akbarally

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Hi, so I am trying to create an app with ads. I followed every step the admob post in this forum said ( I installed all the libraries, and created an account"

However the ad never shows up on my screen. I am using the following code under activity create sub.
( the x's are of course replaced with my id)

AdView1.Initialize2("Ad", "cap-app-pub-xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx", AdView1.SIZE_SMART_BANNER)
Dim height As Int
If GetDeviceLayoutValues.ApproximateScreenSize < 6 Then
   If 100%x > 100%y Then height = 32dip Else height = 50dip
   height = 90dip
End If
Activity.AddView(AdView1, 0dip, 100%y - height, 100%x, height)