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    The attached project is a "short cut" that will enable you to create Progress Indicators for your projects. It makes use of GIF files to simulate the progress indicators. The B4A project is in JHS GIF It includes 22 GIF files that can be used as Progress Indicators. Attached file has an additional 23 GIF files. Download and copy the files into the /files folder of the B4A project. Then choose a GIF file to be displayed in Sub gifToLoad by unblocking one line at a time eg
    ' gif.load(File.DirAssets, "1.gif")

    Go here for more GIF file options. You can change background/foreground colors and also have an option to set the background as transparent. You can also set the timing of the GIF file.

    It should be very simple to incorporate this into a B4A project as Progress Indicators:
    1. Stop the timer
    2. Make the ImageView invisible
    3. Load a new GIF file
    3. Make the ImageView visible
    4. Start the timer

    I guess that if you edit the GIF files with something such as GIMP then you should be able to adjust the color of individual frames within each GIF file to whatever you want it to be.

    You will need to download library GifDecoder (version 1.00) for the B4A project to work should you not have it - it is posted somewhere on the B4A forum.


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    Here is another 10 GIF files that you can add (and then adjust the B4A code accordingly). See 55.GIF - it is well known.
    There you have it - 55 different Progress Indicators that you can make use of.
    The End

    Some examples:

    156.GIF 110.GIF 91.GIF 74.GIF 69.GIF 714.GIF 34.GIF 31.GIF 32.GIF

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