Android Question Android SDK is HUGE!

Martin Larsen

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I just updated the Android SDK because of some problems with a B4A library thay required a newer Android version.

But alas, after upgrading my Android directory is now 11 GB vs ~2GB before. By far the bulk of it is made up of the system-images folder. Inside that, android-21 is 9GB and consists of:

google_apis 4GB
default 4GB
android-tv 1GB

The last one is self-explanatory but what about the other two? Can I delete one of them?

The first two folders consist of the following, each about 1.5 GB:


Can I safely delete the last two as I am running 64 bit Windows?

Are there other tips regarding what is really needed of the SDK by B4A?



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Thanks, cleaning up my SDK folders!
Btw, if you want emulator you need the system images.
Indeed, but the emulator should be avoided like the plague, too damn slow, either use a real device (recommended) or an alternative emulator such as Genymotion or similar.
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