Android Question Too huge RuntimePermissions library, increases app for 3 times


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Hi. My app worked for a long time with targetSdkVersion="22", and apk size was 350kB. But in the android 10, on few phones I have wrong screen size. After switching to targetSdkVersion="29", screen size on these phones is now correct, but I need runtime permissions request for GPS and storage. After adding RuntimePermissions library to the app, size of the apk file increases to 1.1MB. This too huge for two requests of permissions with one small panel. How can I request permissions without using this library?


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The RP library size is 3.5KB:


However, this feature depends on features from androidx core SDK so the actual size is larger. The good news is that the size will not increase when you add more features that depend on androidx core.

1.1MB for an APK is quite small and nothing to worry about.
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