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On my PC I have a big... (I would like to use a bad italian word, here :D) chaos.

I think that when I installed all Android SDK stuff I did it leaving the default (suggested by the installer) directory, which was the user's AppData.

"Recently" I used the manager added to the B4A IDE and, as suggested, installed "all" in C:\Android.

So, now I have:



Yesterday, running a my "old" B4A project, which uses AppCompat, TargetSDK 28, IDE path pointing to the "c:\Android" platform, it crashed (even Erel's AppCompat example crashes)

The only way to make it work was to set the path to platform 29 in the AppData (without modifying the manifest).

I also uninstalled old platform versions using the original Google Android SDK Manager (before), which now doesn't work.

1) can I simply move Android-29 from AppData to "c:"?
2) am I wrong or I cannot install Android-29 (or 30) using the b4a manager?
3) why the b4a's Android SDK Manager does not allow you to uninstall "stuff"?

P.S. 1) NO. Tried and crash.
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That's strange.
Recently I renewed (I mean that I recreated from zero) the SDK folder and I moved Platforms and System Images from old one to avoid download again.